Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quick Items

Some quick things!

1) participation - Thanks for the increase lately! It is pretty good. We can get a few more of you to post still. Come on people prove me wrong that you wont post! A challenge within a challenge! oh snap! Dont make me spam you on email/facebook mmhkayy! ;o)

2) Challenge Ideas - go ahead and send me your ideas cus frankly mine havent been a hit historically so help me out :o)

3) new poll on the sidebar.

4) M24 on Facebook become a fan to get reminders! click the sidebar to go to the page

5) Winners Looks like 6 entries ao I used a dice and rolled it three times to get three winners. If one winner was #2 and i rolled it again the second time I just re-rolled till I got a different number. Per the dice winners were Melinda, Kristine, Candace, and Mindy! I will also message the winners now! Thanks again for submitting photos!