Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Challenge: Restore

The challenge for this week should be so fun. The word is Restore or Restoration. There are three ways you can do this so read up before you get snapping.

1) take a picture for challenge as normal and post as normal.
2) Get the oldest picture you can find that is meaningful in your life. Example: your great grandmothers wedding photos or something. Then use a photo editing program to "restore" it.
3) do both

It is not necessary to post the before and after picture.

I want to do this because photo editing is something we have had tutorials about and I know all of us at one time have wanted to do this with old photos. So this gives you an excuse to try it out!

Lets get this done by Sunday October 10th by 11:59pm!

There are many photo editing programs that you can use windows comes with a basic free one. Most printers you have probably have one you can do it with, there are probably some online like Picasa (from google), or you can use one you bought like PhotoShop.


Breezi said...

I am still wanting to post pictures for Mission 24.... I haven't forgotten about this wonderful blog....
My camera decided to kick the bucket... we are currently figuring out the solution.
Hope to be posting again soon. :)

B-Blogit said...

oh so sorry. I think I lost or it was stolen so Im with you on that!

Teri said...

So sorry I missed the last challenge, I really wanted to and made great effort to find a family but no one was cooperating, mostly, my own family. I begged other families and timing was just bad... for sure I will do the next challenge.

Teri said...

P.S.. you are doing a great job Blake and I love the topics.

Valerie Harris said...

So sorry I didn't post for Family - we're were on a family vacation/working trip (we shot a friends wedding in Jackson) to Jackson WY and Yellowstone. I didn't get the challenge until this morning!