Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Contact Email

Since there will be a temporary change in moderation of the blog I just wanted to let you all know that if you want to send comments, questions, suggestions and other conversations that you would like to take place outside of comments on a post feel free to email: or you can see it on the sidebar as well.

This way I can appropriately organize my inbox as well as prioritize for any incoming mails from this blog and get to them as fast as possible! I want to emphasize this is an open contribution blog and all suggestions are welcomed!

** Just to let you know there are some featured photographers that are complete and never got posted as well as some Tuesday Tutorials. If you have some saved and are not finished please either delete them or finish them within the next week or I will publish them so we all can appreciate the hard work put into them!


{Alynn} said...

My Featured Photographer is edited and ready to go whenever you are! Thanks again for doing this Blake! *sigh* My hero! :)

B-Blogit said...

haha that's me B-Hero! LOL!