Thursday, August 20, 2009

School of Spirit

This place is definitely a school to me. It struck me even more this week, as my sister in law got to go here for the first time yesterday, and will be married here tomorrow. It truly is a place of great learning!

Shutter speed: .003s
Apurature: f/7.1
ISO: 125
Took it to picasa, warmed, added saturation, and cropped some.

Also, since I gave that teaser....oh, about a month ago, I'll spill. ;) The baby in this belly of mine is a BOY! I've got a lot of learning ahead of me for that, too!


Brittney said...

LOVE your take on the challenge! You are so right!!!

A boy?!?! CONGRATS!!! The belly pic made me laugh. Love it.

Jenn said...

Lol. The belly pic made me smile :) and be jealous at the same time! Congrats on its a boy!!

B-Blogit said...

Ohh! Love the photo with the blue sky and clouds and the stop steeple! And congrats!

Boys are easier than girls in may ways cept when it comes to keeping them clean!

Valerie Harris said...

I love your belly shot - What a great angle!

Shelby said...

is that a baby bump on the blue stripe?