Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mean on Green

I'M BACK! I've missed this so much- I am really excited to get going again.
Can you say Heebie Jeebies!?! I spotted this guy perched next to my house from the ROAD. The picture doesn't really do justice to his enormous size but I do like how well blended the background turned out. I think I'll name him George. More shots of George found HERE.

1/500 sec
Focal- 300mm on my hubby's telephoto



susan said...

good macro...ugly lil guy really!!!

Sylvia said...

Great shot of George... I would not want it crawling near me.

Brittney said...

So cool! I especially love the detail of the spider when you click on the picture. My only CC would to be to maybe play around with the compostion a bit so the spider isn't dead center. But then again, it's kind of cool that way because the web leads your eye to it. I'm just rambling, now ;).

Rachel H. said...


How fantastic that you caught this shot!

Shelby said...

Very colorful shot. Great close up, reminds me of why I dont care for spiders.

Katy said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? holy smokes, this picture is STUNNING, MAGNIFICENT, UTTERLY AMAZING!!!! Wow, this belongs in a National Geographic, STAT! I love this, love love love this! George was really workin it here, thanks for the sweet picture!