Sunday, August 2, 2009

Livin' on the Edge

So close, but so far away... this is actually really really happened to me.
Why, oh why?
Can you tell I picked words I thought would work great for my first golfing trip in 5 years? : ) It was so great to get out and take pictures of something fresh and new! I also wanted it to have a different look and feel to it than my other submitted photo, so I'm really diggin' the black and white!


Teri said...

Love your black and white shot..great contrast and perfect how you captured the ball right on the edge. My son would really appreciate this picture since he is a golfer too.

Blake said...

wow the b/w really makes the shadows stand out and makes the picture much more interesting! Its so simple yet still amazing to me! I keep going back to look at it!

Shelby said...

This is a cool shot. Would look good on the pro-shop wall.

Shanda Call said...

This looks like a front cover of a magazine. Great job