Thursday, August 27, 2009

Less Time

Do you fell like you have LESS, and LESS time with your kids?? My daughter started preschool, which leaves me with only one child at home for a few hours each day. I feel like with all my kids, they grow way to fast.
This isn't the best picture, but the only one I got. I've been really bad at picking up my camera lately. I hope I can get better at it!!!
p.s. check out the catch light I got in her beautiful brown eyes!! You can see my front yard.


Melinda said...

So cute, all ready for school. Good luck with the schoolyear!

Rachel H. said...

What a great job catching the light! That is really cool!!

I agree that kids grow too fast! :) Hoping this year is a good one and that you pick up your camera more and more!

{Alynn} said...

I'm right there with you! She is just adorable with those big brown eyes! What a sweetie-pie!

Charlotte said...

I'm so glad you pointed out the catch light. Very cool. And such a cute girl!

Valerie Harris said...

The catch light is AMAZING! She's adorable and I agree they grow too fast!