Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hey everyone. I have been thinking about some ways to liven things up again after our lull of summer. :) (I know, I know...you are probably all so sick of me THINKING)

I had this idea last night and figured we would give it a shot.

I loved having the tutorials, but I found it was hard to get people lined up to do it on a regular basis. HOWEVER, being a photography blog, I think everyone has something to offer and contribute regardless of their experience level.

SO--I thought it would be fun to put a general topic up to study up on for 1 week. As you learn something, even one little tip or part that stands out to you, leave a comment under that topic. That way as we are ALL learning little things, we can have places to put our knowledge that we can keep at our fingertips for either looking back to refresh our knowledge or helping others learn what we have.


in a post titled COMPOSURE

Comments would say things like:

Before you snap the picture, imagine your picture area divided into thirds both horizontally and vertically. The intersections of these imaginary lines suggest four options for placing the center of interest for good composition. The option you select depends upon the subject and how you would like that subject to be presented.

You should always consider the path of moving subjects and, generally, leave space in front of them into which they can move. So don't put a runner in positiong to run right off the picture.


Just as it's usually best to place horizons off center, it's also best to place verticals off center.

I found a great article on this!

That way we can have goals and focus, and everyone will hopefully take part and be able to learn little tidbits about photography themselves--regardless of the camera you have. :)

What do you say?


Melanie said...

GREAT idea.


{Alynn} said...

You reminded me of Pooh Bear just now, "Think, think, think!"

I love it! That way we all can be involved without being overwhelmed! Perfect -- you've done it again!

Brittney said...

I say, YES!!!

LeAnn Moss said...

Great idea!!!! Lets do it.

Jen said...

I really like this idea, but I think we should incorporate it with our photography challenges. For example, if the weekly topic is composure, we can all study up on the topic, take a picture using what we learn, and CC'ing using our newly found skills.

Katy said...

Great idea!!!! I need to log on here more frequently.... I'm in a creative FUNK lately!!!