Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chain Line

In an effort to try and practice framing with the lines so ellogantly drawn by our very own Katy I thought I would try a few out. Here is my son on the tire swing using the chain framing his face. Didnt quite work out but he sure looks happy! Dont you love how his hair nearly flares in the sun! I sure do! CC


Shelby said...

Chain line, and lines in his shirt too. :)
He is a bright ray of sunshine.
Like the way hes looking up at you.

Jen said...

He is supercute! I like the framing detail too. For CC, a fill flash would likely have eliminated some the of the shadow on his face. Also, if you are feeling brave, digitial photography school just posted an article about using sun flare in photos. A shot like this would be perfect to try out the artistic sun flare.

Blake said...

Jen thank you thank you thank you!! My problem is I HATE my flash it is so strong! Im gonna use it next time but i can tell how it would lighten his face a bit more.