Monday, July 13, 2009

Voting: Line

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend, full of photos and lines. Okay, well, I hope everyone had a great weekend. Time to vote!

Please vote for your two favorites, and don't forget to include shoutouts!

Please get your votes in my midnight tonight!


AprilF said...

I want to vote for Shelby's and Sylvia's. Great job to everyone! Lots of creative lines!

Mindy said...

Shelby's dande-line
Sylvia's fence line

(and no, I didn't copy off of April's paper ;)

Since there were only 5 more that weren't mine, I'll just give shoutouts to the rest... they were all great pictures! :)

{Alynn} said...

Shelby's Dande-line
Mindy's Clothes line
***SUPER shots ladies!!!***

Shoutouts to Janelle and Sylvia!

I was out of town for the weekend, and was so happy when I came home and saw the results of the last challenge ~ I had to say THANKS! : )

Melinda said...

Teryn's Horizon Line
Mindy's ClothesLINE

Shoutouts to Shelby, Sylvia, Susan, Blake, Melanie and Janelle...y'know...everyone!

On another happy note, I found the memory card my toddler wandered off with, so I'm in on the next one!

Melanie said...

Shelby's Dandy-Line
Janelle Blind Line

Shout outs...
Mindy (of course!)

Shelby said...

Sylvia-Fence line
Melanie-Lots of lines

Shout to;
Susan-Tree lined path

Sylvia said...
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Sylvia said...

Vote # 1 : Shelby "Dande Line"

Shout outs: Susan "Tree Line" and Teryn "Horizon Line"

Blake said...

Shelby's Dandiline
Melanie's line but no line!

shouts to everyone they are all pretty good.

susan said...

shelby's dande line
sylvias fence line
shout outs to Blakes bark and mindy's clothes line

Janelle said...

Top 2:

MelanieMelanieMelanie! (I really liked that photo, in case you couldn't tell.)


Shoutouts to Mindy and Sylvia