Sunday, July 5, 2009

For the Troops!

I did a little bit of research because I was curious about why fireworks are a part of our fourth of July celebrations. What makes bright colored explosions patriotic? Apparently, they became a part of American culture when they were used to boost the morale of the troops during the Revolutionary war. Ever since then they have been considered a symbol of patiotism across the nation.

I took this challenge as another opportunity to practice the things I've been learning. I pulled out the tripod and went all Manual. Hear that? ME MANUAL! Again! (I'm so proud) I loved this picture because I left the shutter open for 2 seconds as the orange one went off and just as the shutter closed the sparkley one snuck in- creating the contrast of speckles with streaks.

For more of my experiments check out

p.s. I'm turning over my pictures from my wedding this week so PLEASE leave any comments you can for them (same place) so I can do any touch ups necessary before I hand them over. THANKS!



Katy said...

Wow, Teryn, this picture is insane!!!! I loved ALL your fireworks shots, but SO GLAD you picked this as the final... mostly because you've got THREE awesome shots of the 'good ones'! also, thanks for the little background on fireworks, i didn't know that, that's cool!

Shelby said...

Nice display of fireworks, way cool!

Teri said...

Great job on the fire works, I tried some last night too but I just could not get the hang of it, mine were crappy! Anyways nice job on the fireworks and the wedding pictures..very beautiful.

Mindy said...

So cool!!! Congratulations on getting such an amazing manual picture! :D

Melinda said...

Teryn, I'm UBER IMPRESSED with this! I end up just 'taking pictures' but you get out there and take some "PICTURES!"! Beautiful!

Blake said...

Love fireworks love the shot! Fantastic, Im so jealous!