Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Before we do this challenge, I have a tidbit of news.

After lots and lots of pondering and debating, I have decided it would probably be best to ease up the content of this blog through the summer months. It seems like so many people are just so busy right being one of them! :) It has been a struggle to have follow through with the tutorials and I only have 2-3 more feature photographers to highlight...

So, I think we will mainly stick to challenges and voting...and once the summer is coming to an end, we will pick back up with our everyday schedule.

IN THE MEANTIME, If you would LIKE to be highlighted as a feature photographer and have not yet received the questionaire, please leave a comment for me and I will email it to you. Also, if ANYONE learns something cool that you want to share for a tutorial, or you have a word you want to submit for a challenge, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PREPOST IT. We have been using the date of 09/09/09 or you can save it as a draft. Either way. I will go in and get them scheduled once you do so.

I am hoping this will ease the burden for many of you who have been helping out with the blog--and also hoping that many of you will be able to contribute little tips and tricks throughout the rest of the summer--it doesn't matter what level of photographer you are. We want to hear from YOU!

If anyone else has any ideas for how things can go more smoothly throughout the summer, I would love to hear them. I apologize that this has taken a backseat to life right now. It's been a really busy summer...which is good...but at the same time I sure do miss the friendships I found here and all the inspiration that I loved coming back to day after day. You are a great group of people...and I feel so honored to know each of you!

Please let me know your thoughts and ideas. I would love to hear how we can change and make things work for everyone so that we can keep the INSPIRATION going around here...

And that, my friends is your challenge...INSPIRATION.

Pictures in tomorrow night, by midnight.


Blake said...

Im willing to post or do anything for this. Im in PST and up till midnight most time so I can post just after deadlines for anything!

Just let me know. Hope everyone has a great summer!!

Mindy said...

I can't even tell you how UNinspired I feel today... but I will try. :)

Felicia H. said...

Can I have the questionere thing again. We have been gone for a month and then had computer problems and now I just can't find it. Thanks:)

Jenn Kamp said...

send the featured photographer to me too, please