Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Winners: Summer

Good morning everyone! Sorry I'm getting this up so late. The cable signal at my parents' house has been down all morning and I haven't been able to get online.

Your clear and favorite winner for this challenge was Cherry Oh Cherry Oh Baby!

Not far behind it, however, was Wildflowers at Dusk.

Please come claim your prizes. :)

Okay, now you all need to log back in under the anonymous poster login and add your name to the labels in your post, so we know who is who. If you add anything to your post (like a link to runners-up, or more info about the photo itself), please leave a comment on THIS post letting us know which photo was yours, and that you added to the post.


Mindy said...

Well, I labeled mine... although I don't think anyone DIDN'T know. Am I that transparent?? ;)

Oh, and thank you for the votes!! :D

Katy said...

AWESOME WINNERS!!! I loved this challenge, so much fun!

oh and Mindy, Mindy! Your picture was just OOZING Mindy-liciousness all over it, so no, no foolin' anyone!!

Mission 24 contributor said...

I'm posted as me. And my runners-up can be found at www.melindastrialphotos.blogspot.com. They'll be the second post from the top.

Jenny and Travis said...

These were my two favs too, though I thought EVERYONE'S pictures were AMAZING! I oohed and ahhed over many of them, and was just ASTOUNDED at ALL of the raw talent!! Let's just say that this blog is chocked full of talented photographers! Great job everyone!

Melinda said...

That mission24 contributor was me. sorry! ;)

{Alynn} said...

I feel like I should apologize for posting a pic with my daughter in it (that I was pretty sure you would recognize)! It was a choice between a photo I wasn't very proud of, and that one that was so obvious. Next time I promise to be more anonymous!!! : )

Janelle said...

I'm the one who got lei'd, which is actually an interesting situation, seeing as how my husband is out of the country right now. ;)

I added a little more to my post, specifically that my runners-up (lots of them) can be found here.