Friday, June 5, 2009

Voting: Emotion

Here's the part where you let your voice be heard! Go ahead and vote for your TOP TWO favorites.

The winners of the last challenge were Erin and Erica (way to go girls!!!) so they are out of the running this time around. Shoutouts are still welcome though!

Speaking of shoutouts, let's try to be generous with them. I know it always gives me warm fuzzies inside when I get some ;).


Melinda said...

My votes are actually the first two I saw:
(new) Jenn's "Enough is enough", and
Stephanie's fade-out to show just emotion. Very cool!

I also loved:
Rachel's icecream and poem(I LOVE that one, and was happy to see it again!)
Katy's family emotions with the beautiful sunset, and
Shelby's very pulling, poignant picture.
So many cool photos!

Melinda said...

Also, is it just me, or are there lots of Jens here? We have a Jen, Jenn, Jennifer, and a Jenny...not to mention a Jan(elle), and a Jan(ine). It's exciting, I know!

Erica said...

my votes go to Brittney's little girl on the skateboard: "Fear/Excitement" and Candace's "Pure Happiness."

And shoutouts to
Jenn's Sunset Beauty,
Breezi's Little Miss Mags,
Erin's Beaner, and
Katy's Sweet Tenderness

These were all so much fun to look at!

Jenn Kamp said...

My votes:
Candace "pure happiness"
Mindy "emotion expressed"

I also loved:
Katy's "Sweet Tenderness"
Brittney's "Fear Excitement"

This is hard to vote with so many wonderful photos! So fun!

Dave said...

My vote:
Katy sweet tenderness
Stephanie Emotion in details

Mindy, Britt, Melanie, Candace, Blake, and Hotmama03.

Mindy said...

Dave's sexy guitar girl-- this one probably made me FEEL the most emotion.
Katy's tender sunset moment-- sweetness! Girl,you know how to take them!

Rachel's delicious indulgence--love that you thought of something "different", then shot it so deliciously.
Brittney's fearless skateboarder-- it makes me dizzy just looking at it!
Candace's beach darling & Breezi's laughing beauty-- out of the many great pictures of faces showing different emotions, these two stood out.

Speaking of which... I thought it was funny that more people took something other than a face for portrait than they did for emotion! :D

Teri said...

My favories are Rachel and her Ice cream and Mindy for her Violin, Love them both.
Shoutouts to:
Hotmama-sever emotion
Candace -Pure Happiness
Melanie-Mixed Emotions
Brittney- Fear and Excitement
Erin- Beaner
and Stepahnei - Emotion.

Melanie said...

My votes:

Jen - Enough is Enough
Candace - Pure happiness


Jennifer (sunset)

Great Job!!!

Charlotte said...

Faves are Dave and Brittney.

Huge shoutouts to Katy and Shanda!

Blake said...
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Blake said...

Jenn - enough is enough
Brittney - skateboarder

Shoutsouts was pretty much everyone.

Dave - for the "smoken hot burnette" lol!

Erina - deep thinking man
Cadace - Pure Happiness
Erin - Beaner
Julie - Silly - I seriously thought that was a sliced watermellon on his head at first

Katy said...

my top two were incredibly difficult to choose:
but I picked my top two based on how I FELT when seeing them.

Brittney: not only a terrific pic but i can totally FEEL how exhilarating that skateboard ride would be... so sweet!

Mindy: It's peaceful, serene, calm, lovely... and this picture does soft, squishies with my emotions. Very beautiful.

Shoutouts: (since I got permission, I'll be going a tad NUTS on these)

HotMama03-- perfect teardrop
Rachel-- yumm-o-licious
Candace-- perfect moment
Dave-- sexy crooner cowgirl
Melanie-- amazing first shoot... can't wait to see more
Erica-- awesome portrait
Erin-- love her eyes and sucking the top lip
Jackie-- pure emotion... this was totally one of my TIPPY TOP faves

WOW to ALL!!

Candace said...

Okay, this one's so hard for me. I LOVED so many this time, I really always love so many, though, but here goes..

#1: Katy: I love silhouettes, especially when it's a daddy with a baby.

#2: Dave: I love the smokin hott brunette playin the guitar. It's great!

Erica's husband... amaazing, but you won last time! :)
Erin's little girl.. equally amazing, but you also won last time! :)
Mindy's violin... I love the angle, the b&w and the way you framed it and everything...
Brittney's little skateboardin girl.. I wanted to vote for you too, but only two, they said!
Rachel's ice cream.. love the coloring, the burnt edges, and the angle and it just looked so yummy!
Hotmama's crying boy.. so awesome!!! you did an excellent job getting that emotion!

Okay, those were my favorites!

Teryn said...

Katy and Brittney

As for shout outs... I'm going to skip it this time because they were all so awsome that I'm afraid I might forget one.

Shelby said...

Dave- After a long day
Katy- Sweet tenderness

Shouts to:
Erin, Beaner
Brittany, Fear/excitement
Rachel, Emotional eating
Candace, Pure Happiness

{Alynn} said...

Dave - After a Long Day
Brittney - Fear / Excitement
(Way to go dynamic duo!)

Erica (you're rockin' this!), Katy, Shelby, and LeAnn

Brittney said...

My top two?

KATY-The tender sunset scene made my heart ache!!

RACHEL-loved the take on the challenge and the flawless picture.


DAVE-I just couldn't bring myself to vote for a picture with ME in it. Especially after the comment you posted in my name! Loved the lighting in the pic though ;)
CANDACE-oh those curls! Perfect picture!
MELINDA-I was really drawn to that sweet, pensive baby face.
ALYNN-Another heart-wrenching picture. SO CUTE!!!
ERICA-The emotion you caught in the eyes was unbelievable!
MINDY-Loved your take and the "feel" to the picture. So beautiful!

I'll stop now, but really, I had a lot of favorites this time around! I think everyone needs to reach around and give themselves a little pat on the back ;).

Captured Moments by Jenn said...

My two favs: Katy & Jenn

My shout outs: Erin, Erica, Brittney, Melinda, and Melanie

Great job everyone :)

Erin Wageman said...

Katy and Dave!! I loved the feel of these pictures, they were so soft and very emotional to me!!

a few others that really stood out to me...
Shelby- your braken my heart! I loved it!
Shanda- her jealous face is so sweet!
Felicia- of course! Your little boys blue eyes always get me!
Brittney-she is so happy! I loved everything about this picture!
Great job everyone!

Julie N. said...

My Top Two: Katy & Stephanie

Shout outs: Hotmama, Candance, Dave and Shanda.

I loved this word and everyone did a great job!

Felicia H. said...

Top 2
Brittney and Erin

Shoutouts- Jen, Breezi, Katy, Erica, Jennifer, Melanie and Candace

There were so many great pictures!

Janelle said...

Top two:
Dave, Mindy

Erin, Erica, Katy

hotmama03 said...

top two:
Katy-sweet tenderness
Jenn Kamp-enough is enough

stephanie,erin w, Mindy,jennifer anne, and much more!!!