Monday, June 15, 2009

Voting: Circulation

There has been some great takes and pictures. I hope you all found this challenge really challenging and feel like you also found it was easier than you thought!

Please vote:

Best Thought Provoking Picture
Best Idea for the Challenge - one you said to yourself, "Huh I wouldnt have thought of that".
Shout Outs are always good

Thank you all for your efforts. I know a lot of people mentioned they were busy this week! Hope this week is less busy!


Blake said...

Thought Provoking: Jenny

I have thought of seeing these from tv shows, movies, and from looking up at one in hot and humid areas I have lived thinking how much they helped. The lighting was great and gave me many other ideas.

Best Idea: Breezi

It is totally cool and I dont think I would have ever thought of it. It did bring into my memory of some of these that have been blown and rotated in a circle too.

Shouts Out:
Leann and Shelby

susan said...

thought provoking: Blake
Best idea: Teri
shout outs: Katy,Breezi and Brittney

Mindy said...

Blake, you can't make me THINK on a Monday morning... ;)

Thought Provoking: April... Maybe the thoughts weren't deep, but I thought about photography magazines for a long time after seeing her picture!
Idea: Leann... this was a tough one, because there were so many great ideas, but I liked Leann's circles within circles.

zealygirl said...

Thought Provoking: Teryn
Best Idea: April F

Shoutout: Hotmama03

I also still exist, but it's been a busy couple of weeks. I hope to catch the next challenge!

Lindy Lue said...

thought ~ mindy. i need to go hiking!

idea ~ katy

shouts to :

{Alynn} said...

Thought - Shelby
Best Idea - Candace

Shout outs to Terin, Brittney, Blake and Lindy Lue!!!

Jenny and Travis said...

Most Thought Provoking: Alynn
Best Idea: Brittney
Shout outs: Katy, Lindy Lue, Mindy, April F, & Teryn, just to name a few!

Teri said...

Best Thought Provoking: Blake
Best Idea : Alynn
Both of these were great pictures.

Shoutouts to:
lindy Lue

Shelby said...

Best Thought, Alynn
Best Idea, Leann

Shouts to, Brittney n Breezi!

Breezi said...

Best Idea;Katy

Thought Provoking:Brittney.

Shoutouts: Blake, Candace, Lindy Lou, Shelby,

Kristine N said...

Best idea--Leann

Thought provoking--Katy

Shoutouts to Stephanie, Brittany, Teri, Jenny, April F, Teryn, Mindy, Blake...maybe I should quit now and just say everyone.

hotmama03 said...

best thought provoking:teri

best idea for the challenge:Katy