Sunday, June 14, 2009

twirly circulation

here are my two twirly whirls... pretty circles right? :) i had a blast taking these! shot them both very different for different feels...

the color image was taken at:

d300 ~ 14-24 lens focal at 14 ~ f 14 ~ speed 1/40 sec

i wanted rich color and a slightly blury spinny feel. cc

this one i shot way different to show that no matter what the rainy wheather was like they were out dancing and happy in love! shot at
lens 14-24
focal length 17
iso 100
speed 1/40th of a second
f 16
ps its fun taking a "challenge" to my work!


Katy said...

oh these are beautiful, I'm loving the concept and the STUNNING shots of the couple alone under the big huge sky LOVE IT!!!! Great job!! the couple is sooo lucky to have you take their pictures!

Candace said...

These are both very beautiful! Is the 14-24 a fish eye lens? I think the first one is my favorite just because of the colors and shadowing, but I love the black and white one too! Great job!

Blake said...

love the colors on the top one and what fun to have the spin. You sure do take fantastic wedding photos. Though I would have to say mine are your best ;)

Teri said...

Very Pretty, I like both of them very much.

AprilF said...

I love the color- and the joy on their faces! Great shot!

Mindy said...

What fun shots! Perfect for a wedding... dreamy and gorgeous!

Lindy Lue said...

thanks so much! and blake ~ of course i agree :)

hotmama03 said...

I love the color, and black and white. The whole idea behind this is what makes the picture. Way to go.
BTW, i was invited to try out my skills at a wedding. I am not sure if i am there yet.AHHH

Jenny and Travis said...

Love these fun, care free shots! And love the sky!