Monday, June 22, 2009

Tuesday Tutorial

Good Morning Ladies and Gents, Today's tutorial is going to be on Filters Lenses.( They fit right on your lense, and you can only use them on SLR Camears.) I am going to share with you some information about 3 different kinds of filters you can buy for your camera. The First one is the Diffuser Filter, or it can be called a Diffusion filter. This filter is used to create soften images. The keywords are enchanting, romantic and dreamy. A diffusion filter diffuses strong light without affecting the sharpness and contrast of the image. These filters are mainly used in portrait work. ( Beware, pictures below are all of family!)

Kylah and Madyson with Diffuser lense

Kylah and Maddy without diffuser

The Next filter is the Polarizing filter, It is best used in very sunny weather. It can darken blue skies turning them deep rich blue and they are also great for removing reflections in water. So if you are shooting a river scene and you want to see detail in the water or on the river bottom, a polarizer will reduce reflection. They are also good with foliage, making leaves and such less shinny.

Kylah and Maddy with Polarizing lense

Kylah and Maddy without lense

Last but not least is the Warming filter. These useful items work to remove the bluish cast that can result from cloudy, overcast lightiing or shade. Snow has an exceptional ability to pick up blue cast so this filter works great for winter. ( pics were only from summer). The warming filter lowers the color temperature of your subject. Warming fliters come in various strengths and even slightly different colors from different manufacturers. If you have photoshop you can find these filters under Image>Adjustments>Photo filter. Once you are there you can pick the color of your filter. So down below are some different examples of warm filters.

Here is Whitney with a Warming filter

Without any filter

Kylah with a warming filter

Kylah with a touch of the Pink filter

So These are just different ways you can enhance your pictures. I know you can order filters on line or in any camera shop. Some are very expensive and some places like WalMart sell basic filters that are not expensive at all. Just shop around and have fun and take lots of pictures!
P.S. Can you tell I am missing my grandaughters???


Shelby said...

Great info Teri, Thanks!
And like always your family photos are beautiful.

Rachel H. said...

GOOD WORK! I love the tips you gave. VERY useful for stretching beyond the normal photography! :)

Katy said...

I LOVED this tutorial!!! I have always wondered how people get their pictures to look so dreamy. Thanks so much, I'll go out and try them all out!!! Thank you thank you!