Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Tutorial: Light box

I don't actually have a tutorial of my own to offer you, but I wanted to pass on a great tutorial that I found several months ago. I actually have yet to do this, but I want to. Because I don't have permission to reprint any of the text or photos, I'll just provide you with a link and a snippet.

The Making of a Light Box
A light box is something I've been meaning to construct for some time now. I get so frustrated when trying to take photos of things that I make in the winter time because of the lack of natural light. Everything looks dark and blah.
I hope this helps someone out!


hotmama03 said...

very cool, would never of thought of using that. I also followed another link on that page to stephs light box both very cool. thanks for sharing

Katy said...

i've always wondered how people on Etsy have such perfect backgrounds for their stuff!! Thanks for this!

Shelby said...

Great info, Thanks!