Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Tutorial-- Composition?

I titled this post "COMPOSITION?" because I really don't know what that means... so I'm hoping one or two of you can comment and tell me if I'm WAY OFF BASE here.

Instead of doing any sort of TUTORIAL-- I wanted to "wave my freak flag" all around and tell you what I've learned FROM YOU-- but in my own terms. Here goes Nuttin'.

As a newbie picture-taker, I've never heard of a lot of these new-fangled, snazzy terms like "bokeh" and "framing". (please, refrain from laughing till the end of the post). But here's MY take on some of the things I've learned from all of you "big-kid photographers".


This one seems pretty self-explainatory, but sort of changed my world when I saw it in action.
For instance, on our last challenge the picture "Summer Sunset" (haven't revealed the photographer on this one yet) but I LOVED the way that photo was FRAMED.

(sorry, these are all pictures I chose from my vacation last year to France-- everything else was... well, either bland or you've seen them all in the challenges!)


I know this is basic Photography for Big-Fat-Tards 101 here, but I love that people have mentioned this one. It's basic-- yet essential. Like that LBD (that's short for "Little Black Dress", Blake, alright? Got it?)

"The rule states that an image should be imagined as divided into nine equal parts by two equally-spaced horizontal lines and two equally-spaced vertical lines, and that important compositional elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections."
Thank you, Mr. Wik E. Pedia.

(I made Hubs do way too many of these OSOM 'optical illusion' pictures. Let me just tell you, he was NOT a willing participant. It was like pulling teeth.)

Um. Not sure this one really fits into this catergory.
But I figured I took A LOT of time doing those dang lines...

Changing Perspective

It ain't too hard to change the perspective... why, OH WHY, do I always think people wanna see everything from a stubby 5' 3" straight-on angle??? Well, that's no longer the case... I kneel, stand on things, lay down and climb a ga-BILLION stairs to get a new Perspective on life. Refreshing.

I just wanted to throw in my Optical Illusion Artwork...
no one appreciates good old fashioned "holdingtheEiffelTowerinmyhand" art anymore.
It's a pity.
Does he look slightly disgusted to you? Or just peeved? Ashamed. That's what it is. Shame for his loser wife.

Counter Balance

Okay, this was new (and slightly advanced for my brain to wrap around) but here goes. In THIS GEM of a reference, Brandon, one of the tutorial authors, says about Counter Balance, "Position your subject in the camera veiwer to arrange the shapes in the scene to either harmonize or contrast with the rectangular frame".
I THINK it means...

all these lines make cool photos?

or maybe it means, if you crudely draw lines all over your picture, you look more professional?

ps. I decided I should never become a surgeon. I just barely decided that.
Just look at those crazy lines.

Visual Walkabout

I think it was Dave who mentioned "S curves" to add glimmer to a picture-- I loved that. I now LOOK for awesome curves to take pictures of!

Have you seen the movie "Australia" with Hunky Hugh? Well, they talk about the boy going on his "walkabout" to become a Man.
Well, after these Visual Walkabouts... dontcha just feel more mature and wise?




Well, thanks for humoring me anyway.


Melinda said...

Katy, Katy, I LOVED this! I'm wishing I had a chance to actually know you in person, because you are so freakin' funny and quirky! Refresher courses are always nice, and I love the tone you gave this one!

Mindy said...

Okay, I have officially changed the way we're doing Tuesday Tutorials. They are now Katy Tutorials and they will be written by Katy once a week, every week. You, my dear friend, are hilarious, and smart! I loved this tutorial! (And I'm teasing about you having to write a tutorial every week... unless you're okay with it, then I'm not teasing. ;)

Teri said...

Katy, this was a very informative and entertaining tutorial, thank you very much.

Shelby said...

I love your photo w/ the blue door, and looking down the tower....
I too have never heard of "bokeh"
Glad Im learning these things w/ such a fun person.

Melanie said...


You are hilarious, and SO ENTERTAINING. I wish I could meet you in person, I know we would hit it right off!

I, for one, still have the ability to appreciate the optical illusion photos that your dear hubby does not! lol Or, maybe it's just that I would LOVE to have the chance to even TRAVEL to EUROPE and take pictures...PERIOD.

Thanks for the SUPER DUPER tutorial, I actually learned a lot!

Katy said...


Mindy, as much as I LOVED doing this... hmmmm... lemme think, UM. NO. I'll have to pass up the Every Week ditties... Have you ever heard of "false doctrine"? but I love you for asking me!

And ladies, ladies, all's we got's ta do is hop on your Leer Jets and tell your pilot to take you to 425 W. 5th South Rexburg, ID!!!! I'm HERE I'd LOVE to meet EVERYONE (i already feel like we're Besties... but that's mostly because I'm "friend-hungry"... trust me, I'll add ANYONE on my Facebook!!! hahah!!)

Have a great Tuesday!

AprilF said...

So fantastic Katy! I love the photos you chose and your demonstrations! Great job!

Sylvia said...

Wow…. I am truly impressed….. I just joined this blog and contest and I am loving it.!.

I so appreciated the tutorial, I had no ideas of the complexity. Framing I knew but the other stuff…. Rule of thirds, and the lines and the counter balance, visual walkabout, I had no ideas… I was just shooting what was pleasing to my eyes without any information. The only rule I knew was while taking an under water photo class that no one likes to look at a fish’s behind… that was the extend of my knowledge….

Thank you for all that great info… now let’s is if I can put it to good use.

Katy said...

Welcome to the blog! So glad you're here!

But as a word to the wise, please please PLEASE don't go around quoting me, I'm SO NOT the pro here!!! And I made up the term "visual walkabout"... don't catch yourself in an awkward moment by throwing that one out to any major-leaguers!! :) That might get a little embarassing when they give you a crazy look and start backing away slowly! hahahah!!

ps. LOVE your underwater advice, it's prophetic on so many levels!! :)

You're the best!


susan said...

I can say I have never smiled and giggled thru a tutorial it was delightful and informative, the photos are a plus!!!! I thank you so much my quirky little beauty

Rachel H. said...

kATY--BREATH OF FRESH AIR! LOVE YA GIRL!!! Thanks for doing this one! You rocked it!

Brittney said...

Fabulous tutorial, Katy! Loved it!

Blake said...

Four things Katy. First of all great info, Im laughing my face off right now, I know about the little black dress (and im not the only guy on here you know) and I think all the drawn lines does look more professional!