Sunday, June 7, 2009

This post is brought to you by...The Letter A

There are two posts here, one from me and one from my husband, Travis. We spent a lot of time with family this weekend and he took some pictures of our ADORABLE niece, Megan.

On the way home I took some pictures of AGRICULTURE. This is a cute farm outside of Blackfoot that I've wanted to take pictures of for a while but hadn't yet. So I seized the opportunity for this challenge.

Both taken with a Nikon D-40, automatic setting, slightly cropped. CC welcome.


Katy said...

oh she's a doll!! look at her lashes... i'm envious!

and the picture of the farm is beautiful.. I LOVE big red barns... love them! Great shots, Jenny!!

Blake said...

wow love this reminds me of home and amish country. great country shot! Im tempted to want to frame this one too!

Brittney said...

such different takes on the challenge...that's awesome!

Shanda Call said...

I love both of them. Nice job. The top one I love the colors, and the bottom one I like the composition of

Jenn Kamp said...

I'm always drawn to the cute pictures of the little ones, but your second post is great. I love the country feel and the colors. Good job.

Shelby said...

I like your "agriculture" shot..
great colors on their farm.

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