Thursday, June 11, 2009


ARG. So Blake gave me this AWESOME idea... but in the hub-bub of things today, I didn't find any spare time to go out and take the shot I wanted.... and trust me, it was gonna be GOOD.

But yesterday (pre-hub-bub) I took some shots of Ava signing "More" and "Please"... yes, I know that we already have an ASL pic up but this is ALL I GOT... dang.

This shot was taken after a BIG handful of chocolate chip bribery. Can't go signing "MO?" and "Pweeze" for nuttin', huh AvaLou?


Blake said...

this is much cuter than the shot we talked about!

I like it a lot and yay for sign language!

Katy said...

thanks B!! but I really really really wanted to get that sign... hahaha, "don't laugh at the natives"!!! it would have been perfection!!

oh well, win some lose some!

thanks again!

Blake said...

Oh you make me laugh Katy! You are welcome.

Brittney said...

Ummm...CUTE!!! Seriously, adorable!

Mindy said...

GREAT photo as always, Katy! I'm glad you did another sign language one... I think it's a great idea!

Breezi said...


I LOVE her little knuckle dimples and her sweet expression.
Man! You almost just want to gobble her up. :)

ohh yeah.. and great picture too. he. he. he.

susan said...

ohhh my way to precious what a grand photo thank you back..

Shelby said...

Way to go Katy, shes a cutie.
Good sign manners :)

Candace said...

This is so perfect, Katy!! She's absolutely adorable!!!