Friday, June 19, 2009

Its all about ME!!!

Hello chaps I'm Erin Wageman, and I'm the featured Photographer... (feeling so special!)

(okay I know you can't see my face in this picture but it makes me laugh, I like my daughters worried look! Or is it my worried look?)

My Camera you ask?? Its a DSLR Sony Alpha 200.. Oh yeah bringin out the big guns! Ok really it isn't a down and serious photographers kind of camera, but I still love it! If you know about Minolta and liked them, then you would love this!

What is your favorite photography subject? My favorite photography subject would probably be my kids, they are really cute! But lately I've really been liking the scenery! Someday I'm going to shoot for National Geographic (I love how their pictures are so real and tell all the story that you need)! Really!! I should actually put that with the wish stuff!

What camera equipment is on your wish list? Everything!! I really wish I had a tripod of all things! That’s just how far behind I am!

What are your hobbies outside of photography? I like to play! I love the outdoors, hopefully soon I will love my new dirt bike (very excited!) I love fitness, my family, crafts, friends, traveling, skiing, boating, rollerblading, 4 wheeling, heck you name it and I’m usually game! (just don’t ask me to jump out of an airplane).

Tell us about your family! (married? Kids?). I have been married for 6 years now (wow, feels like yesterday) to the man of my dreams! Jeremiah is a wonderful, sexy man, (I hope he reads this). I have 3 kids. Kennen is turning 6 in September (Our little princess). Carson will be 3 at the end of June (usually the man of the house because daddy is gone all the time!!!) and Brooke beans will be 2 at the beginning of July (she is the little rebel... hilarious). They crack me up!

Where do you live? (you don’t have to be specific if you don’t feel comfortable) I live in Mount Vernon WA. Next to an ugly gray house (its okay no one has ever lived there!) For now. In about a year we will probably be joining you Easterners… again. My husband is in the Navy so we get to move a lot. It has been a wonderful experience for our family!

Do you have a blog you would like to share? (family blog or photography blog?) Heck yeah! You can look at anything that you like, but you better leave me comments so I know you looked! I have my photography blog that is and then my family blog is

What is the best photography advice you have ever received? Learn how to use your camera, and then relearn!! And, you can never take to many pictures! Snap away! I know its simple but I totally live by it!

What (if any) editing program do you use? I love Photoshop CS4!!! (that’s right I’m up to number 4!) Okay really I have no idea how to use any of the new features, but someday I will be a pro… and that is when they will come out with the new and improved version!

Can you share your favorite 3 pictures with us?? Absolutely... I don't know if they are my favorite, but I like these a lot... for now.




Alright these are all pictures of my kids, I must really love them! I think B&W is my favorite! Toodaloo!


Blake said...

what a great family you got and it is nice to have a bit to get to know you better!

Best of luck with the navy thing. my sister is int he airforce and this next move will be her 4th in 1.5 years.

Mindy said...

Erin, I always thought you were awesome, and now I KNOW it! :)

Katy said...

Erin, you are HILARIOUS!!! I LOVED reading this, i was smiling like a big dumb dummy the whole time! YOu make me happy, oh so very happy!

your fam is to-die-for-adorable! I love love love your top three shots, and I'm with you, those BW's are amazing! It's sooo good to MEET you!

Teri said...

Erin, your pictures are beautiful and it was fun to get to know you. I love your family blog and your photo blog. Keep up the good work.

Rachel H. said...

WOO HOO! Glad to meet ya! You seem like so much fun! :)