Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Love ASL

That's American SIGN Language.
Taken in natural light, on 'portrait' setting on my camera (a setting I just found, actually. very cool.)
CC welcome, as always!


Mindy said...

I hoped someone would do this! I love how her hand is in focus, and she's slightly out of focus. Nice job!

Brittney said...

Nice take on the challenge! Ditto what Mindy said ;)

Katy said...

LOVE IT!!! You and I had the same Idea... I tried to get my daughter to sign for me but do it SLOWLY... instead I got a LOT of blurry hands and excited jumping up and down. Hmmmm.. back to the ol' drawing board!

your picture is RAD! I love that the camera is looking DOWN at the beautiful model (you? friend? daughter? neighbor?) anyway, great job!!

Shelby said...

Thats my favorite ASL !

Blake said...

I like the shadows in this and yay for ASL!