Thursday, June 4, 2009

Emotion(al) eating.

I was originally going to do a facial expression. I got some good ones today while my kiddos cried and whined. :) But as I was listening to them cry themselves to sleep and sat there feeling overwhelmed by bedtime in general, I reached for a piece of dessert...and then it hit me. When emotions are surface bound, I eat. So, though I know this is a little long, I thought it fitting to share with my little picture. You can skip it if you want...

Info on the pic was: ISO 200, 50mm, f1.8, 1/125th second

Self Medicating

Ice cream, cookies, pies and cakes
How many goodies can I make?
Donuts, pudding, popcorn treats,
Give me something good to eat.

I’m not hungry, but give me more;
Bread and meat and foods galore.
I’ve eaten til I think I’ll burst,
Now I need to quench my thirst.

I’m stuffed, I can’t eat one more bite
Unzip these pants they’re way too tight!
But wait! I’ll take that pudding cup;
OHHH, if I could just throw up.

The pounds pack on, I feel so big
I’m just a chunky little pig.
My clothes don’t fit I feel depressed;
What kind of cake would you suggest?

Low carb, Low Fat, Dr. Phil,
Don’t forget the diet pill.
Slim fast, Atkins, and South Beach,
Most of these seem out of reach.

I eat so much I have to wonder
If I could resolve world hunger.
I know this behavior is self defeating,
But prop me up, I’ll keep on eating.

--Annette Hiatt (my mom)


Blake said...

love the angle and the chocolate looks so dark! It is so yummy Im going to get some ice cream now!

Mindy said...

Funny poem! The picture is perfect, and delicious! I might lick my screen. ;)

Brittney said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who reaches for the goods after a stressful day. I have a hidden stash and everything ;). The poem was hilarious and oh so true. The picture was perfect...amazing...delightful.

Katy said...

LOVE the picture, oh my sweet hannah, love the picture! and LOVE your take on this, it's perfection!!!!

and ps, I think I'll stitch the poem on a pillow or a table doily thing... it says it all!!!

Shelby said...

Great poem, great pic,,looks like it should be in a food magazine.

Teri said...

Love your picture and your new lense, I actually had a lense like yours for a few months until the cat knocked my camera off the table and broke the lense, I am heartbroken about it, but my husband promised to buy me a new one soon. I love the poem too, I think most women are emotional eaters!

Jenn Kamp said...

Great thinking outside the box! I love it!

Melanie said...

This poem "hit the spot" so to speak. It's just what I needed...and your picture....tres magnifique! Loce the angle, the chocolate...all complete with a cherry on top!

Great take on this challenge!

Candace said...

I LOVE that poem!!! And the picture is perfect, Rachel, great job! It looks very yummy. :)

Captured Moments by Jenn said...

Now I want ice cream :) Great job!