Friday, May 22, 2009

VOTING: Choose your challenge!

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all doing well this fine Friday morning. It's Friday on the cusp of Memorial Day weekend -- how could you not be fine?

Today we're going to have two voting categories again, because that's what I like and I'm doing the voting this time, so I get to pick! :) We will be voting on "best overall" and "best bokeh."

Now for those of you who don't know what bokeh is (I had to look it up a couple weeks ago when I started to see the word pop up on here), it's essentially the out-of-focus background of a photograph. Technically it has somewhat to do with the light in the background, but you can read more about it here: Wikipedia -- Bokeh.

Nicia, Susan, and Teryn were our winners on the last challenge.

Please get your votes in by midnight tonight, and we'll see you back tomorrow morning with the results and another challenge.

(Also, if you haven't had a chance to comment on many of the photos, please take the opportunity to do so sometime today as you look through them for voting.)


Melinda said...

I feel guilty voting. I was totally going to do this challenge. In fact, we went to the art museum the day it started and I checked and rechecked before we left, but the challenge wasnt' up all the awesome pictures I took there were moot. But several could fit a category! Check out my family blog at and see what I did was fun. Anyway, then my camera was dead and I was busy, so no challenge.

HOWEVER: I LOVE Janelle's cemetary! That's my vote. My runners-up here would be Jenny's Grace-foot, and AprilF's cool balancing rocks.

Janelle said...

Melinda, you can still vote even if you didn't post. We all miss from time to time. Pick someone for each category! (Thanks for the props, btw!)

Felicia H. said...

Best overall- Rachel

shoutouts-jenny, mindy, brittney and Breezi

hotmama03 said...

best overall-Teryn
bokeh-April F

Teri said...

Best Overall: Teryn for her water scene
Best Bokeh: April F

All you girls did a wonderful job. I love seeing how everyone has a different take on the challenge word.

Melanie said...

Best Overall: Jackie (Door hinge, Vintage)
Best Bokeh: AprilF (Rocks, balance)

Mindy said...

Best Overall: April's balanced rocks

Shoutouts to:
Rachel's fish face
Teryn's waterfall
Jenny's baby foot
Zealygirl's clothespins

I loved this challenge... it was fun to see which word everyone picked, and there were a lot of great photos!

Katy said...

best overall: Mindy
best bokah: AprilF

Wow, wow wow!!! Great job all

Brittney said...

I vote for....hmmm...this one's super tough...having a killer time deciding...MINDY'S VINTAGE SHOT!

Rachel, Breezie, Jackie and AprilF also WOWED (is that a word?!) me.

Great job everyone!

Shelby said...

Best Overall;
Jackie/Vintage/Still Hanging On
AprilF/Balance/Hold Still Now

sounds like a theme going on there

Jenny and Travis said...

Best Overall: Teryn
Best Bokeh: April F
Great job everyone!

Janelle said...

Best bokeh: Breezi (I like the water fountain in the background)
Best overall: AprilF

Shoutouts: Rachel, Candace, Shelby, Melanie, Jenny, Janette, Mindy.