Friday, May 8, 2009

VOTING: Balance

I'm sooo sorry I spaced out with the voting aspect of my responsibilities!!!

Thanks a bunch for reminding me, Janelle, you're the wings that keep this ol' duck flying (Um, I'm supposed to be the old duck in this scenario)

Ok: Let's VOTE!!!

Best Overall

Best Angle

Remember that last 'round Breezi and her her happy frog and Jackie with her amazing floating keys won!!

Get those votes in! AWESOME JOB TO ALL!!!

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Lindy Lue said...

best overall ~ katy we be balincing

angle ~ susan poor balance of time

shouts to ~ me :) and also mindy! love it and janelle and lindy! good shots!

Katy said...

Best Overall: Brittney's spa day
best Angle: Lindy Lou's babymama

shoutouts: Mindy, Rachel, Janelle, Jackie, Candace, Lindy-- everyone... wow!

Mindy said...

Best Overall: Brittney
Best Angle: Katy

I thought both Brittney's and Katy's shots were amazing... I LOVE THEM!!

Shout-outs to: Susan's clothespins and Janelle's brownies! There were a LOT of good shots this time around, but those really stood out to me!

Melanie said...

Best overall: Janelle (brownies)
best angle: Mindy (Radishes)

Shout outs:
Susan, Katy, Blake, brittney

Shelby said...

Best Overall: Susan
Best Angle: Lindy
Shout Outs: Blake, Jackie.

Felicia H. said...

Best Overall:Candace (balance between good and evil)
Best angle:Lindy (mary belle teaches us to balance)
Shout outs: Susan, Racheal, Brittney and janelle.

Breezi said...

Best Overall: Janelle. Can we just say: To DIE FOR?

Best Angle: Katy. WOWZA!

Shout outs: Lindy Lou, Mindy, Susan, Jackie.

Awesome guys. Just awesome.

susan said...

best overall:Shelby
best angle Blake

Melinda said...

Best Overall: Brittney's inner balance...I just loved looking at it!

Best Angle: Blake. I love your shot of the Golden Gate Bridge!

Shoutouts: Janelle, I'm drooling as we type. Katy, your lighting and graininess are so cool! Shelby, I was so soothed by your tree-lined boardwalk. Great job, everyone!!

Jackie said...

Best Overall: Katy...whoo hoo!!!

Best Angle: Go Blake ~ Go Blake!!

All very good and inspiring!!

Rachel H. said...

Best overall: Brittney (this just FEELS so serene)

Best Angle: Lindy Lue (very cool point of view)

Shoutouts to Mindy, Katy (rocked!)Janelle (woo hooooooo!)

Kristine N said...

Best: Rachel
Best angle: Lindy Lue

shoutouts: Felicia, Melanie, Katy, Brittney, Janelle, and Lindy

Brittney said...

Best Overall: Lindy Lue
Best Angle: Lindy Lue...I'm just drawn to the picture and love everything about it.

Shoutouts: Mindy, Katy, Janelle and Candace

I think all the pictures ROCKED this time. I had to narrow down my shoutouts 3 times ;). Way to go everyone, sorry I didn't have enough time to leave comments on all the pictures.