Friday, May 29, 2009

Unscheduled business. :)

Hey everyone!

Just popping in to say hello and leave a couple notes of business. I know it's not Monday, our normal day for business, but I needed to just mention a few things.

1. I understand things get busy and sometimes it's hard to post by midnight at the end of a challenge. I get that. I do! :) HOWEVER, from here on out ONCE THE VOTING POST GOES UP, we will consider that challenge closed. Any pictures posted AFTER the voting post will be taken down. We need to keep things cleaned up that way so it's not one jumbled mess. I hope you all understand.

2. PLEASE don't post past pictures. I LOVE seeing everyone's talent...I think we all do. HOWEVER, this is not a blog just to display such works. This is to challenge ourselves to go out and CREATE a new piece of art based on the word we are given in the challenge. I know several of you have pieces that you want to show others, and you have a right!!! Maybe we will have a day coming up that we can do a showcase of some past work. But for our normal challenges, let's keep it new. :)

3. ALSO--if you have joined this blog but not posted in a while, PLEASE DO. We asked that everyone post at least once a month, which should be super easy. I mean, it's ONE time out of a minimum of 8 times. We are going to start clearing off the list. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS YOUR LAST WARNING. I have given LOTS Of time for people to have another chance at posting. I WILL give the Saturday challenge as the last chance for those who haven't posted in a long time. If you know you can't post for a while due to life circumstances, let me know. I totally know how that goes. :) But we really want people to be involved with this blog who WANT to be. :)

4. Along the lines of not being able to post, I am taking a break from taking charge over the blog. Many of you probably know I am 2,000 miles from home right now and visiting lots of family and friends. I feel like I have really dropped the ball with making sure everything is done on time with this blog, and I apologize for that. I feel like I can't give full attention to this blog and to my family that I rarely get to see. So, Mindy is taking over for me for the next few weeks. Hopefully having her take over that part will let me take part in the challenges again. :) Her email is on the sidebar if you have any questions. If you want to submit a word for Wednesday Challenges, shoot her an email and she can get that scheduled. She will be doing Saturday posts in my place. And I know she will do a great job with it. I hope you all understand!!

Okay, is anyone still with me?

I know this was long, just wanted to clean things up around here and get back on track. :) I hope you are all having a wonderful spring/summer....this is such a great time of year!!

See you at tomorrow's challenge!


Blake said...

sorry :) hope you keep enjoying the vacation!

Rachel H. said...

I don't want anyone to feel sorry or like they have done something wrong. Just as I was skimming over things lately I realilzed we have gotten a little lax on some things and I want to make sure to catch it now so we don't go crazy!

I am not upset in ANY way! Just wanting to make sure we remember the rules and are all on the same page. Heck, I am even at fault for some of the same things! :) So, seriously I hope nobody takes anything I said personal. I didn't have one person in mind when I wrote this--just some things I noticed and had found myself doing too--

I really do appreciate all your contributions! Everyone offers something so awesome to this group. So, thank you!

Katy said...

good Clean Up post! And whoo hoo for Mindy! Can't wait to see you soon... CRAI-GOS, CRAI-GOS, CRAI-GOS!!

hotmama03 said...

I am back, i have been gone for a few posts and thats because i have been totally sick.The doctor doesnt know whats going on but it seems to be coming to a head.
with days that i had 102 temp i really didnt feel like grabing the camera.
So yay and cant wait for the next challenge!!!!

Jackie said...

Enjoy your family and get back soon :)

Mindy said...

Oh, you'll all be so glad when Rachel gets back... I'm getting the whips ready now. No slacking on my watch! ;)

Shelby said...

"Spring" cleaning.. I'm w/ ya :)

We know someone you can borrow a whip

Mindy said...

LOL Shelby! Jackie... can I borrow your whip? ;)

K Harker said...

Hey Rachel, don't kick me off, please! I know I haven't posted in a while but our internet seriously is wacko! Some times we have it some times we don't. Some times it's fast most of the time it's slow. We're working on getting it fixed. It may take a while since our new tv of less than a year died, our computer is wacko too and now internet is spazo. So give me a while longer to get things under control and I'll be back I promise!