Saturday, May 30, 2009


Ok, I'm back finally! AHHH!!! Life was SOOO busy with finals and working 3 jobs and all. I've been so swamped, I only finally got to pull my camera out this week. It felt good to get back to shooting photos, but I felt a little rusty and out of touch.
Anyway, this is a photo session I did for one of my friends new born. He was a sweetie to shoot and so good to let me put him in all sorts of poses. He had terrible baby acne though, and I tried to get rid of it in photoshop, but there was sooo much, I finally just let it be what it was. I still think he's a cutie. And sometimes I like that stuff (The peeling skin, the baby acne, etc.) in the shot, because it reminds you of just HOW new born they are.
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Canon Rebel XTI
Iso 200
Window Light


Mindy said...

Shanda, I'm so glad you're back, and sorry you've been so busy!! I love this picture, and I totally agree about the baby acne... I don't like to take out everything that makes the portrait "real"... I think he's so sweet.

Katy said...

Welcome back Shanda!! We've missed you! Hope you can take a breather now... and snap up some photos!

Love this picture, he's precious as pie, isn't he! I agree, I think giving EVERY baby that glowy-glow isn't always REAL... and this picture is perfection! I love the pose!!!! Great job!

Charlotte said...

I love the lighting on this. So soft, so sweet... just as it should be. Great shot!

Lindy Lue said...

that baby is adorable! great shot! i really like it!

Rachel H. said...

GORGEOUS! So glad you are back--sounds like life has been crazy!!

I too like keeping some of those real characteristics...brings depth and interest to the picture. And you did a beautiful job!

{Alynn} said...

This little baby is tuggin' at my heart strings! He's adorable! I love the soft lighting, and don't mind his little blemishes a bit. Nice job!

Blake said...

welcome back! This has to be the best newborn picture I have ever seen, including better than my own kids. Fantastic detail and I love how the background is black! Amazing utterly amazing!

Brittney said...

Oh my. You captured this little one in all of his newborn glory. I love the baby acne...I really do.

AprilF said...

Welcome back! I love this little baby- and the sweet pose. Nice job.

Erin Wageman said...

Awww I love your baby shots!! He is so small! and looks completely out!!