Friday, May 15, 2009


Hey everyone!

I am sorry I haven't been around for a few days. We were on the road and didn't have internet access--but we are finally in Idaho! hooray!

I am sorry some weird things have been going on! :) I notices the preposting didn't work so well, and that we dont' have winners announced, and that we haven't posted the feature photographer yet. I have a lot to get on top of for sure! So, I apologize for being out of the loop.

Anyway, I will be back again tomorrow with a challenge...and will get the feature photographer posted today.

I loved all your photos! WOW! What a great last challenge!! Am bummed I missed it!

Oh, one more thing. I did some thinking about the voting and wondered something. I really want everyone to feel included, and like they are progressing! I know a lot of you have felt like you won't ever make the cut and win a challenge. I wish there were some perfect way to make it all good for everyone. I know we started out with the best overall and best take, and that seemed to just get the best 2 overall we changed it and picked a selected random category and best overall...which I still felt ended up being lopsided sometimes.

I guess I wasn't really sure what to do this time, so I just went for the best overall...

I am pretty sure this voting thing is going to drive me crazy until i figure out a great way to make it good for everyone...


Anyway, happy Friday!


Blake said...

What if one week we had a category where we HAVE TO vote for someone we havent voted for before.

So say Santa Clause, elf, rudolph haven been vote for before they now get a better chance of getting votes.

Brittney said...

Oh Rachel...just relax and enjoy your vacation :)

Rachel H. said... are too funny. Enjoying...just had 1800 some odd miles to think about it! :)

Kritta22 said...

What if we had random ones with your favorite color in it

One with the best title

One with the best background

One with the best Description

One that made you laugh

One with the best use of lense...

I have a bnuch more

Teryn said...

Don't worry so much! You can't make everybody happy. It's all in fun- I never expect to win but I'm still here and I'm enjoying every minute!

Mindy said...

This might be "easy for me to say" since I have won a few challenges, but I just don't see the point in desperately trying to make it so everyone gets a chance at winning. It wouldn't make me feel better to win knowing that people voted for me because I had the most purple in my photo, or because my name ended in "y" or because they plain old felt sorry for me. To me, this blog isn't about posting a picture so I can win... it's about improving my photography. If anyone else feels that they are improving, they have won... it doesn't matter what the votes say. The voting is just for kicks anyway. If someone really really cares about winning, they could work harder on getting the best photo, even if it takes a long time before that happens... isn't that a much more satisfying win than one that was rigged so they wouldn't feel bad? Are we not all grown-ups here?? :)

Rachel H. said...

AMEN MINDY....I ABSOLUTELY agree. I just get feeling bad when I hear people feel so sad about not winning...and I just haven't known how to really FIX it...but I guess it's just not something that can be fixed...

So what did you guys think of the voting this time? Do you think just voting for best overall works?

Janelle said...

Mindy, I agree and disagree with you. We're not in second grade, and don't all need to win a vote so that we can have good self-esteem (especially when it's a forced win), but at the same time, we do seem to see a winning rotation through several of the same people.

I like the idea of best overall + one random category, and I do think it would be fun to do some quirkier categories, like Kritta suggested. I had a couple ideas for weird ones too:

~Best use of a household item
~Best sacrifice of self (like the photos we've had where people braved the snow and the mud, or the boy falling in the pond)
~Funniest background story (like my husband thinking I wanted to take a picture of him "changing attire")
~Most emotional (okay, not weird, but I think this could be a good category)