Thursday, May 7, 2009

marley belle, teaches us balance

I spent the last 12 hours with a girlfriend shooting her daughters birth. marley belle. I NEVER posed them, i shot it as it occured. This was such an incredible experience for me... She used the ball to work through contractions... and had little marley 100% naturally. it was so amazing! i cried so hard i couldn't look through my camera at times! I had never seen a birth!
i want to submit this one because i think there is so much balance in it. Her sweetie sleeping close by to be able to wake up and help her with the pain, and her resting on the yoga ball. I love this shot. it was a awesome moment! for my friends that want to see more... click here.
taken on nikon d300
14-24 2.8g
at 14
iso 640
speed 125
f 2.8



Felicia H. said...

Those are amazing pictures, i got all teary eyed watching the slide show.

Breezi said...

Beautiful. That was an amazing experience you got to go through!

I love this picture.

Kristine N said...

Wow, that brings back such memories for me. I gave birth to my daughter nine months ago, today, and I, too, spent many hours on a yoga ball. That was, for me, the best way to make it through contractions.

Beautiful pictures. That looks like it was an amazing experience. You've captured the emotion of this couple's experience perfectly. Thank you for sharing.

Mindy said...

What amazing pictures of an amazing experience! You are one lucky photographer, girl! :) (And that is one lucky family to have such gorgeous pictures of the birth experience!)

Katy said...

I'm pretty choked up right now, I watched your whole show (beautiful song too) and I am amazed how well you captured it all... the feelings and waiting for sweet baby, it was all there! Thanks so much for sharing with us!! VERY WELL DONE!

Jackie said...

Gosh! Soo good. Love the pics. and the take on Balance. Great job

Lindy Lue said...

thanks guys! made my night.... i am so exhausted!!! (i cant imagine how she feels...) my labor WAS NOT this sweet! it was nuts and 40 hours and a c-section! gag

Janelle said...

Great job on the photo shoot of the entire journey. I love the photo you chose, though. There is poetry and beauty and simplicity in it.

(Oh, and I had a C-section with my daughter, and after looking at the pictures, I'm perfectly content to have C-sections with my other babies and not have to go through labor.)

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness! I am so teary right now! You totally captured the emotions that they were feeling, what a special, priceless gift you have given them! Such a special moment. Great job!! I felt like I was there with them!

Blake said...

great idea for the photo and that is great you got such nice photos for their memories.

Lisa said...

Ok, can I just say - JEALOUS!! I am due in 3 weeks (#4) and am planning on using my exercise ball and doing it naturally - looking at all those pictures gives me hope and strength! And now is making me want to have a friend photographer there with me to capture every moment!
Great job!