Sunday, May 24, 2009

I want s'mores!

Like every other family in the valley, we decided to go camping for Memorial Day weekend... and it was worth all the work (and coming home early because my kiddos had the pukes!) because of this:

Perfectly toasted, golden mello perfection! My hubby is a genius when it comes to s'mores! And I want MORE s'mores!

I loved the fire in this shot! Edited in Photoshop with the Vintage action (that's right, I finally took the time to figure out actions, and I'm in L-O-V-E!)


***Update*** I've just noticed that when you click on other people's pictures they get bigger, but mine DON'T! Any ideas why and how to fix it?!? Thanks!


Katy said...

Alynn!!!! Welcome to the WONDERFUL world of Actions... it will consume your life if you don't get a handle on it early on-- trust me, I'm an addict! I love this picture!! The sky looks awesome all "Vintaged" out and the fire, whoa cool! Look at those perfect mallows too... makes me hungry!

I can't really think of any CC... maybe a tight shot of the mallows over the fire? I love it though!!

Mindy said...

Oh, yum!! I'd like s'more too! :) Your hubby looks like an expert marshmallow toaster for sure. My mouth is watering!

Jackie said... the take and great shot..

Brittney said...

The pukes WHILE camping?! SO not allowed! Great shot. I love the toasted goodness! How do you download actions? I only have PS Elements 7 and have tried to download a few that are compatible but I can't find them after. I'm obviously doing something wrong. Help?

Candace said...

Love this!!! That fire looks incredible! And I want some smores. Yummy!

And I hope the puking has vacated your house! Yuck!

Felicia H. said...

Made me hungry for goodies. Great color (hard to get in the dark by a fire) and hope the kids are feeling better.

Teri said...

MMMM I love Smores too... soo creative on your choice of words for the challenge. Your hubby looks like a pro when it comes to roasting marshmellows! Hope the kiddos are feeling better.

Erin Wageman said...

ohh I hate sick kids! I really like the lighting of your photo, good times!! I think the reason that your picture doesn't blow up is because... did you add your picture through an html code? I did mine and it doesn't blow up either. adding the code takes away the link that they use when you download through blogger.