Thursday, May 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Oh how much I love this picture. I know it isn't the best picture in the world but it is one of the sweetest sights to me. Those are the steps to my house. And that box, oh that box brought home my wonderful camera. Which is now repaired free of charge and both of my cards after re-formatting are in perfect order.
As for the picture, in PS I hand selected the box out, cut and then pasted it back in. To create a second layer. Then I selected the background and made it black and white. I tried doing the box black and white too but it needed to color to make you see it.
-CC- Always welcome. Oh it's so good to be back!

Just so you know, the Service Center had to replace the CF Drive Deck. Which is the part that writes files, and reads files from the memory card. The whole thing was faulty. So there was no way they could fight the warranty. I'm not sure they would have Sony has been really good during this whole ordeal. The tech even called me the day he finished to let me know it would soon be in the mail. And they sent me the tracking code to follow it home. I am very happy with these guys.


Katy said...

Crys, WELCOME BACK!!!!!!

What a SWEET SIGHT to see your "baby" sitting on the front porch to welcome you home! Oh and I LOVE your doors and the iron railings... wow, beautiful! I love that everything is BW and the package really sticks out! Great Job!

Breezi said...

Welcome back!!

Love this photo! Even though it is black and white... it screams LOVE!

What a great sweet site indeed!

Brittney said...

I really like this shot! I love the symmetry of it and how it zooms your eye straight to the box. Seriously, one of my favorites. As far as cc goes, there is a little bit of a distracting tilt to it, but likes!

Candace said...

Love the angle you got at for this shot! And the black and white... love it!

Great job and welcome back!

Blake said...

This looks like it is from better homes and garden cover or some kind of home improvement photo it is so good.
Slap that photo on the next cover of some type of home magazine. Martha stewert Living or something.

Teri said...

This is really beautiful, I love the black and white and the little bit of color of the box. I am glad you got your camera, and you can get out there and start snapping away!

Mindy said...

Cool doors! I love them! And I'm SO glad your camera is back! :)