Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fluid: With the Wind

This is the grass in my front yard. My husband put patch treatments on yucky spots two weeks ago, so we can't mow it for another four weeks. Problem is, the weekend before that, he put some kind of Miracle Gro type thing on it, so now it's growing so fast, but we can't mow it. So he weed-whacks the whole yard, which is actually kinda funny. Last night, he did the whole outside of the lawn, but didn't finish the middle, which is still long. Well, he finished it tonight, so it's not long anymore, but it was when I snapped this photo. I like how long grass sways with the wind. It looks fluid-like to me.

About the photo: adjusted exposure, made black and white, added frame.

(You can see my runners-up here if you'd like.)



Katy said...

This was a great idea, I love your ideas every week!

I love tall grass, the way it sways, you're right, it's VERY fluid-esque (word?)

GREAT job, I like the edge burn and border too. WEll done!

Brittney said...

Love the idea! I was checking out your runner-ups and you got some good ones! I think I like the lower point of view from the runner-ups but can see why you chose this one as it depicts more motion. Oh and the thought of weed wacking the lawn gave me a good chuckle ;)

zealygirl said...

Grass is one of my favorite things to look at in the wind. So strong, but can still sway. I love the movement.

Maybe getting a little closer to the ground would have helped for me.

Blake said...

b/w was interesting choice. I have been there with patches of grass before. I mowed anyway though, maybe that is why it never really grew back very well. I think getting a bit closer would have helped also.