Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Door to the Past

I wanted to do a challenge I had missed too, but when I went thought the list I'm so sad and embarrassed to admit I've failed to do more that just one or two! Oh, the guilt! I was overwhelmed with my list, but after our little M24 get together I was inspired and finally up to the challenge. Vintage stuck out to me, but I had something else in mind. But this great door knob called to me from my neighbor's shed. How had I missed this little gem all this time?
As for the get together I mentioned earlier, I had to share a couple of picts I took there. We're such a bunch of camera geeks! : ) Katy and Rachel:

Sweet baby Grace must have felt like she was being mobbed by the Paparazzi!

I wish everyone could get together, we had so much fun in just the couple of hours we had! Thanks Rachel for organizing this, I had so much fun seeing you again and making new friends too! You're all welcome back in my home any time!


Rachel H. said...

OH ALYNN...I CANNOT EVEN TELL YOU HOW MUCH FUN I HAD LAST NIGHT! WOW...if we ever need time to fly, we should all get together again because DANG, it went way too fast!

I will get pictures up today, promise! Again, thank you for letting us get together in your home.

And what an AWESOME door! I actually really like the angle you took because it lets you see that it IS a door...and I love that peeling paint! BEAUTIFUL!

Brittney said...

What a find! The rust, the peeling it! The get-together pictures are fun, I'm glad you included them! That poor baby ;)

Mindy said...

I love the colors in this! What an awesome picture!

I am SO jealous!!! I wish I could've met all the Idaho peeps.

Jenny and Travis said...

Thanks so much for having us over! It was SO fun to meet you and your sweet little family. You are a hoot, and your kids and home are simply adorable! Glad we got to finally meet! --Jenny

Katy said...

ALYNN!!!! That was SO MUCH FUN meeting you, you're as fun and awesome as they get!!! And your kids are dang cool! Thank you so much for hosting us!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the knob- it's a terrific angle and the colors, oh the colors!! LOVE IT!

hilarious pictures too, thanks for including them (someone obviously didn't use the LIQUEFY tool on me!! :) )

Rachel H. said...

LIQUIFY TOO ALYNN!! HAHAHHA....Katy, I totally agree. I saw me and though...WAIT! Did Alynn mix up the PUCKER AND BALLOON tool instead of liquify??

{Alynn} said...

Liquify, LIQUIFY!!! How could I forget to play with that new little gem of knowledge?!? I'd hop right on it, but I guess it's too late! Sorry - love your beautiful selves! : )

Melanie said...

neat door handle, awesome color!

Shelby said...

I love the colors and the whole rustic feel. i would love to have that door in my yard.