Sunday, May 10, 2009


This one was a little harder, how do you capture change??

So for mothers day my family went to a Iris Garden for a change of scenery. Well that didn't really satisfy me for the topic and knew someone had already gotten that idea.
So as my daughter and I were taking pictures of what few flowers were in bloom, only a few iris, and Rhody's she made note that the bees could sure use a change in bloomed flowers.

TA DA, light bulb went on and the chase was on. I went from one bee to another and got two shots i wanted to post but here is one of them.

Posted by Picasacc always

Here is the other one that i had to share!!!


hotmama03 said...

I promise its only 11:00 here, i am not cheating!!!

Kritta22 said...

LOL it's 10:30pm when I posted mine so I think we are good!

I really like the bee on the second one. That is so cool to catch.

Blake said...

very nice i like both pictures. You have some good color in there. I really like the second one also with the bee and the colors of the blossoms in the background some of them even blurred a bit.

Katy said...

so beautiful, both of them, i agree, the colors are just gorgeous and i'm really impressed you followed bees around... brave woman! Great shots!

Mindy said...

Bees are hard to "catch" in photos... I played that same game a bit ago! Great job!