Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CHALLENGE: choose your challenge

Okay everyone!! TODAY is the Eastern Idaho get together and I can't wait! I thought it would be fun to do something a little different today, since I am sure lots of pictures will be taken today--

So the challenge today is to CHOOSE YOUR CHALLENGE... Got to the sidebar and check out the labels for past challenges...and then pick one. NO CHEATING...pick one this morning and then go with it... :) And when y ou write your labels with your posted picture, PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME, THE CHALLENGE YOU CHOSE, AND THEN THE CATEGORY LABELED Choose your challenge.


Rachel, Abstract, choose your challenge

I can't wait to see what categories we get this time and how people see things!

See some of you later this afternoon!!!


Brittney said...

If you only knew what this was doing to me. Me, who takes an hour just to decide what to have for breakfast. Me, who can't make a decision to save her life. Why oh why?! ;)

So jealous I won't be in Eastern Idado today! Have fun ya'll!

Janelle said...

So we pick a photo to re-post, or a challenge theme to do again?

Katy said...

COOOOOOOOL IDEA!!!!!! And I'm totally with Brittney here, I'll be staring at the list for at least a good hour now! I'm giddy with excitement for today!! I really wish we could Beam everyone here from all over, Star Trek Style. See you there!!!

Crys Kaestner said...

i believe it is picking an old challenge and take a new picture.

Rachel H. said...

Yep--old challenge, new picture. Just a chance to redo something you didn't get to do or to do one over that you really liked.