Thursday, May 7, 2009

Balancing Act

I'm in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming visiting family for a couple weeks, and yesterday we went to a cow cutting competition for a little while. Exciting I know, but it was fun to TRY to get some good actions shots. Please give me tips on how to show movement but still have a focused picture! Anyway, in cow cutting the rider singles one cow out from the herd but then it is up to horse to keep the cow out. The horse will make lots of sudden movements and cut sharp angles in order to keep the cow from returning to the herd. It takes a lot of balance of both the horse and the rider in order to be successful.

Sorry I don't know how to get my settings off of this program I'm using for the first time.

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Katy said...

WOWZA!! i am a total "action shot" novice-- and so in my humble opinion, this is totally radical!! I love that EVERYTHING says "motion and balance" here... it's beautiful!!

I hope you had a great vacation! Looks like you're taking advantage of the wild west!!

Mindy said...

That sounds like so much fun! I think you caught a great action shot! One way you could've showed slightly more motion is to have the subject not centered... show a little bit of where the horse is going. I know there are other things... panning and such, but I have NOT mastered that yet! ;)

Blake said...

looks great! You can even see some muscel defonition in the horse. Nice job.