Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Balance: Part of a balanced diet

Okay, so these probably don't actually contribute to a balanced diet, but I'd like to think they do. I made these brownies yesterday for Cinco de Mayo. They are easily the richest brownies I've ever eaten. You can find the recipe here (Mexican Brownies), but if you're going to make it, I would suggest almost doubling the amount of cinnamon, using semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate, and be sure you have lots of milk on hand to chug with them.

About the photo: cropped, saturated, sharpened, added a little shadow. I took this in natural lighting with no flash, but I seem to have a lot of noise on the blue area (especially the bottom left corner). I noticed noise with several of the photos I took in this shoot (I did a lot of different color backgrounds). I had the camera resting on a flat surface so that it wouldn't move. I don't have an external flash, just a point-and-shoot camera, but I'm wondering if anyone can help me reduce the noise in my pictures.



Blake said...

I love this...but unfortunately it doesnt store on my so balanced.

Lindy said...

oh yum. love the colors! and now i'm going to venture into our kitchen for a chocolate blondie...not as good, but a fair substitute.

Jackie said...

love the background and setup., ...drooling...... :)

Candace said...

Does your camera have an ISO setting? Some point and shoots do, I think, so if it does, you could try lowering it. That's what controls the amount of noise.

Janelle said...

Candace, I just found it on my's set to "auto" right now, so I guess I'll have to do some playing around to figure out how to use it. Thanks.

Brittney said...

Janelle! I am super impressed with your shots lately. This is fabulous! I love the bright blue background and the stacking and, oh, everything about it. Nice work! Side note-I'm definetely going to have to try that recipe.

Mindy said...

Janelle, didn't you read my tutorial? ;) It's gotta be an ISO thing... I don't like to leave mine on auto, so hopefully you can find where to change that. If you can't, just pretend you had noise because you WANTED it. ;)

Oh, and your picture? Simply awesome! You are really getting better all the time! I love the angle, the stack, the balance in two ways (yes, chocolate is important to a balanced diet! ;) GREAT job!

Janelle said...

Mindy...I had read a tutorial similar to yours a few months ago on another site, and couldn't figure out how to make use of it with my camera, so when your tutorial came up, I didn't pay very much attention to it. Perhaps I should have...please forgive me? :(

Felicia H. said...

I love the blue color behind the brownies, Great job!!!

Melanie said...

Umm..not helping with my diet over here! I am salivating on my keyboard... :)

LOVE this picture! REALLY LOVE IT! The blue in the background, the different colors of the brownies, and the wax paper. MARVELOUS.

I see what the others are saying about your ISO being set so high it's grainy, but I think you can work that to your advantage in the future, if you wanted to. A "grunge" or "oil paint" action would be neat with the noise!

SUPER JOB! I love it!!

Teri said...

I think this is a very creative take on the subject today...I love it. The brownies look delicious and I like the blue background too. good job.

Katy said...


I love this Janelle, LOVE it!! I LOVE that you separated each brownie with a piece of parchment, I LOVE the blue background, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the brownies, i'm salivating, drooling, melting in a puddle!!! I'm totally going to make some of these, thanks so much for the recipe too!


Mindy said...

Janelle, I totally forgive you... I was just teasing! :) I just talked about how a high iso creates noise, and showed pictures as examples... the exact thing you asked about here. That's why I was giving you a hard time. ;)

Janelle said...

I know...I went back and looked at it after Candace's comment, and felt rather sheepish.

princess jen said...

Mmmm... those look delicious! I looked up the recipe and I can't wait to try them for myself. I love how they're stacked and I like the lighting. You did a fabulous job!

Rachel H. said...

JANELLE! This has got to be one of my FAVORITE pictures of yours. I LOVE IT! VERY clear and detailed...and DELICIOUS! GOSH, you did such a great job!

Breezi said...

great composition!

Lindy Lue said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! and now i need chocolate

Kristine N said...

Wow, tasty. This could be in a magazine or cookbook. I actually think the noise in the background works, though it would be nice to have the edges on the wax paper crisper. I'm betting you don't have any brownies left to try again though...those look delicious!

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