Monday, April 27, 2009

Wisdom: VOTING!

Good morning everyone! I love that we all have such unique interpretations of this challenge word. It was great. I think it helped us get to know each other a little better, too, because we each had something about ourselves and our life experiences to share, as we explained our photos.

But on to the voting. Dave, Katy, and Rachel are ineligible this time around, due to being so completely awesome on "One" last week.

And since we're still flying by the seat of our pants a little bit with the new voting, I'm picking a random category again: Best lighting.

Please word your votes like this:

Best lighting:
Best overall:

Get your votes in by midnight tonight, and have a wonderful Monday!


Mindy said...

Best Lighting: Felicia
Best Overall: Brittney

I thought the way the light hit the plants in Felicia's picture really spotlighted them perfectly! I thought Brittney's picture was awesome... I'm not a big dog fan, and I still love this picture. :)

Shoutouts: Teryn... loved the colors and feeling and Rachel... let's just say everyone's lucky you're ineligible to win this week. ;)

Charles & Amanda said...

Best lighting: Felicia
Best overall: Teryn

Great job everyone!

Candace said...

Best Lighting: Felicia
Best Overall: Teryn

I too think everyone did a great job, these two just stood out for me. :)

Brittney said...

Best lighting: Lindy
Best Overall: Amanda

Huge shoutouts to Rachel and Mindy!

Melanie said...

Wow! I loved all of the different interpretations of this mission. So interesting!

My votes:
Best lighting: Mindy (Pearls of Wisdon) So surreal...I loved it.

Best Overall: Brittney (Canine Wisdom) I don't know what it is about this...but I can't stop looking at it.

Julie (super take)

Teryn (brilliant colors and contrast)

Felicia (again, super colors and contrast)

Katy said...

Great job everyone!

Best lighting: Felicia
Best Overall: Brittney

Wow-- tough call too... everyone's was so good. Teryn had awesome lighting, Mindy's idea was sublime, Janelle's old cookbook was a total jewel, Candace's bus was a gorgeous pile o junk :) !! Great job all!

Blake said...

Best lighting: Felicia
Best overall: Felicia

I liked this for both catagories and couldnt decided on any of the others which were all pretty good!

Teryn said...

Best Ligthing: Mindy- I love how you captured the text with the beautiful pearls.

Best Overall: Lindy- the sentiment was beautiful, the picture was beautiful. I just loved it.

Shoutouts- Felicia, Julie, Amanda, Breezi... am I allowed to list everyone?

Crys Kaestner said...

Best Lighting: Jenny
Best Overall: Julie

Shelby said...

Best Lighting: Mindy
Best Overall: Lindy
Shoutouts: Blake , your picture makes me smile.
Candace, very nice.

susan said...

best lighting: Jenny
best overall: Mindy

Corynn said...

Best Lighting: Mindy
Best Overall: Breezi (I really liked your interpretation!)
Shoutouts: (Sorry, I have a million) Candace, Brittney, Teryn, Rachel, Janette, Felicia, Kristine N., Jenny... I had a hard time picking my favorites.

Breezi said...

Best Lighting: Jenny

Best Overall: Brittney

Shout Out: Candace, Mindy, Julie, Teryn, Felicia

J said...

Lighting: Mindy
Overall: Breezi
Shoutouts: Lindy, Shelby, Jenny

Julie N. said...

Great job everyone!

Best Lighting: Jenny
Best Overall: Breezi

Shoutouts: Mindy, Teryn and Amanda!

AprilF said...

Best lighting: Breezi
Best Overall: Candace

Shout-Out: Mindy and Rachel- I really liked that idea!

Travis and Jenny Holloway said...

Best Lighting: Mindy
Best Overall: Melanie
Shoutouts: Felicia, Rachel, Amanda, Brittany, and Candace.
Great job everyone!

Rachel H. said...

Best Overall: Brittney

I didn't get much chance to comment on this round, so I am so sorry to those who didn't get a comment left from me!! I will be better this next time around--been spending much time with the kiddos. :)

A HUGE SHOUTOUT to many people, but I am trying to limit it to my top 3--JENNY, great lighting, Teryn, my husband loved your picture, and Felicia--beautiful photo! Seriously one of the best you have posted!

Dave said...

Best Lighting: Mindy
Best Overall: Brittney

Lindy said...

Ack! I feel horrible about not getting this in before midnight! I just got so wrapped up in filling out applications that I lost track of time...seriously, using a typewriter to fill out applications is EEEEEVIL! Anyway, I hope these still count!

Best Lighting: Teryn
Best Overall: Mindy

Ok, back to the applications!

Janelle said...

New voting rule...get your votes in before I post mine in the morning. :) That way we don't have to worry about midnight or whose time zone.

Best Lighting: Breezi
Best Overall: Teryn (I love how vivid the green grass is!)

Shoutouts: Rachel, Mindy, Julie, Felicia, Janette