Thursday, April 30, 2009

When I Get All Steamed Up...

Tip me over!

This is my teapot, though I use it to make hot cocoa, cider...and jello. I took it in my kitchen light, decided I didn't like the lighting, and took it to picasa and did a tint job. I liked the warmth it gave the picture. I really struggled...and then I looked at what everyone else had done and found that all my little ideas were taken (and beautifully, I might add!).
CC as always!


Mindy said...

Cool teapot! I love how you captured the steam. I also like the angle... nice job!

Janelle said...

I like your teapot. It's got character. I like the warmed up effects you did with it. It makes the whole thing look hot.

Brittney said...

Love the vintage look you have going on here!

Julie N. said...

I also love the teapot, very cool! The steam makes the picture perfect. Great job!

Corynn said...

I am jumping on board on the steam comments. I love the steam! And the angle. I also like the tint you gave it. Nice Job.

Travis and Jenny Holloway said...

Great angle and great job with the steam!

Katy said...

ARe you kidding, you, Struggle, RIGHT! I'm really impressed! This picture is sooo cool and I love your teapot! The tint is awesome, super awesome. and the steam, couldn't be better!! Great work!

Candace said...

This is very cool! I love it, great job!

Jackie said...

who hoo....good job lovin it

Charlotte said...

What a cute little reflection you have there! Love this idea and I love the warm tint.

MegJill said...

Okay, I LOVE your teapot picture and had to click on it to see all the other great shots. Yours is awesome!

Rachel H. said...

I have to say, I really like this picture! SO NEAT!!! Very fun vintage feel and you captured the steam and hot effect really nicely!@

Blake said...

great capture, it is kind of vintage and I love the steam.

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