Monday, April 20, 2009

Vintage: VOTING!

Great challenge everyone! So many great entries were submitted.

We're going to keep going with the old way of voting for this challenge, and then figure things out for the next one.

So remember:

Best take
Best overall

Erin and Brittney won the last challenge, so they are ineligible this time around. Sorry girls, but it keeps the love spread around!

You have until midnight tonight to submit your votes.


Charles & Amanda said...

Best take: Leanne
Best overall: Jackie

Great job everyone!

Mindy said...

Best take: Leann
Best overall: Rachel

I also loved Lindy Lue's suitcase girl, and Charlotte's hilarious vintage pay phone!

Brittney said...

Best take: Leann.
Best overall: Mindy! LOVED IT!

Other favorites: Jackie, Candace, Erin and Prdmommyof3

Dave said...

I have to agree with Amanda
Best take: Leanne
Best overall: Jackie

Way to go Amanda for getting stuck in the mud. I tried but britt gets mad when she has to get out and push.

Stephanie you had the most original take on the challenge, the recipe looked good!

Additional shoutouts to: Holly, Rachel, and Teri

Holly said...

best take: prdmommyof3
best overall: Jackie

Erin Wageman said...

Best take: Janelle!
So Beautiful
Best Overall: Jackie!
I love this picture

Everyone did so great, here are some more that really grabbed my attention also: Mindy-great angle on the truck, Rachel-love the boweling sign, Lindy Lue-that little girl is so beautiful, Amanda-I really loved the colors on your apple!

prdmommyof3 said...
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Melanie said...

Rachel- LOVE the way you framed the bowling alley!

Julie N. - Love the sewing machine. It reminds me of the one my mom had when I was little.

Jackie - The colors in your pictre were electrifying; I really thought they jumped out of the picture.

Leann - Your picture is superb. It is very calm and reminiscent of the 70's.

Everyone did great!

Melanie said...

BTW...I didn't notice that my posted name said prdmommyof3, but I fixed it to show my real name...Melanie...sorry!

Janelle said...

Melanie...can you leave your original votes again? When you deleted your comment, it took them with it, and I hadn't recorded them yet.

Melanie said...

Oops! Sorry...weird, I thought I coppied everything.

Best take: Janelle

Best overall: Mindy

AprilF said...

Best Take: Janelle
Best Overall: Rachel

I love seeing so many photos! Yay for all the new people.

Lindy Lue said...

Best take :
terrie with the boat!
Best overall:
mindy with her truck!
rachel, brittney, and leanne

Katy said...

Best take: Mindy
Best overall: Jackie

shoutouts: Julie, Amanda, Brittney, Rachel, Teri and Erin... GREAT job!

Candace said...

Okay, I have a major tie going on in my head right now, but I must decide, so, here goes...

Best Take: Jackie- love the hippie van

Best Overall: Leann- love the kids at the baseball field... AWESOME!!! I think this is canvas quality...

And shout-outs ( all these tied for second in my head.... Mindy, Amanda, Rachel, Teri, and Erin)

Jackie said... this is tough!

Best Take: Mindy
Best Overall: Rachael

I just loved them all! Katy..great job, love Leann's and Candace's was awesome....great job everyone!

Breezi said...

Best Take: Mindy
Best Overall: Rachel

Shout-outs: Shelby, Jackie, Brittney, Leann, Lindy Lue, and Felicia.

Great Job Everyone :)

Rachel H. said...

Best take on the challenge: Janelle

Best overall: Mindy

Melinda said...

Best Take: Stephanie
Best Overall: Teryn
Shoutout: Erin, Melanie-welcome!!

Travis and Jenny Holloway said...

Best Take: Mindy
Best Overall: Rachel
Shoutouts: Melanie, Erin, and Brittney. So many great shots this time!

Shelby said...

Best Take- Mindy
Best overall- Jackie
Shout outs- Rachel, Corynn, Felicia, Janelle

Teri said...

Best Take: Rachel
Best Overall: jackie

Shoutouts to hard to choose.

Julie N. said...

Great job everyone! This blog is so fun and I love seeing everyone's take on the challenges.

Best Take: Teri
Best Overall: Janelle

Shout-outs: Mindy, Jackie, Melanie and Leann your pics were awesome!

Teryn said...

Best Overall- Janelle, I loved how you tied the three items together and the angle- beautiful.

Best Take- Mindy- I LOVE old cars!Great colors!

Other favorites: Leanne, Cindy, Melanie, Felicia(cracked me up)- I could go on. This was really tough and I loved them all!

Kristine N said...

I'm having a very hard time deciding (thus the last minute voting) but there were two photos that drew me back time and time again.

Best pic--Mindy
Best take--Janelle

Shoutouts--Rachel, Jackie, Brittney, Melanie, Katie, and Amanda for just getting a picture in with driving conditions like those.

zealygirl said...

Best Take: Rachel
Best Overall: Jenny
Mindy, yours is great, as always. I also really liked Jackie's