Friday, April 3, 2009

Time to vote!

What a great challenge everyone! There were some really fabulous pictures and I just love how you are stepping it up and really putting forth your best. That makes this blog more fun!

So let's get voting.

Remember to put:

And then all your shoutouts and other comments. :)

Thanks everyone for sharing your beautiful art!



Melinda said...

Best Overall: Jackie

Best Take: Rachel H.

With a shoutout to Breezi and Felicia because I really liked your photos!

Mindy said...


I know, funny that I'm opposite of Melinda, but that's how I saw it. ;) I think we all have different ideas of what these categories mean to us... but that's okay!

Honorable mentions: Brittney, Candace, Erin, and Charlotte (oh wait... that was the friday feature! ;)

Erin Wageman said...

Best take: Mindy
Best Overall: Blake

Your pictures rocked!! It was really a toughy this time! Aimee and Janelle, your pictures were awesome too!! It makes you want to be there! Really Everyone did great!

Teri said...

Best Take : Rachel H
Best Overall: Erin W

Altho I have to say that everyone did a fantastic job.. these voting sessions are hard!

Breezi said...

Best Take: Rachel
Best Overall: Brittney

Shout out to Erin.

This is getting harder to do, I love everyone's photo's!

Felicia H. said...

Best take on the challange Melinda (Im a twilight addict to)
Best overall Brittney

I also really loved Erin's and Aimee's

{Alynn} said...

Best take: Jackie
Best Overall: Erin

Travis and Jenny Holloway said...

Best take: Aimee
Best Overall: Rachel H

Shout outs go to Mindy and Erin. Great job everyone!

P.S. what is the rule about how often someone can win?

Brittney said...

man-oh-man I had a tough time choosing!

Best take: Jackie
Best overall: Mindy

Shout outs to Erin, Rachel, Leann and Lindy!

Candace said...

Best Take: Rachel
Best Overall: Erin

I had the hardest time this week!!! Ugh!!! Because I also LOVED the ones by Jackie, Blake, Aimee, Brittney, Teryn, LeAnn, and Mindy!!! You guys all did a fantastic job!

Blake said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blake said...

People are just getting so good at thinking of challanges! Thanks Erin for the vote and Candace for the props! I accidently wrote them in opposite order so I removed the comment. sorry! Also being selfish and voting for myself.

Best Challange Take: Blake
Best Overall Picture: Rachel H (the first picture)

Jackie said...

Best Take: Breezi
Best Overall: Rachael

Id like to give a shout out to Candace, Mindy, Blake, and Melinda!! Great Pics!

zealygirl said...

Best Take: Brittany

Best Overall: Rachel H.

Great topic; sorry I didn't get my camera out for it!

Rachel H. said...

Best Take: Brittney
Best overall: Erin

Thanks everyone for participating this week!

Blake said...

Thanks Jackie for the props!

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