Friday, April 24, 2009

This blog was in search of some spring!

Hi there fabulous photographers...your mission 24 blog here...

I was totally sick of the black background...for winter, it was a-okay. But I have caught a glimpse of the sunshine outside and I needed a change.

White is a little too white...but I am waiting to make an appointment to get tanned with a nice shade of beige so I am not shocking anyone with my pasty "skin"...

But for tonight, this is where I am.

And I got a new header-do too...I just needed something fresh. My header-styler is not a professional, so please don't mind her amateur job. If you know someone who has more experience, please let me know...

Anyway, just checking in to wish you a happy spring! Glad you visit me often! It's nice to see you, each and every time!

Have a great night...


Katy said...

Hello Mission 24 blog of ours! Your new 'do has got me in a tissy... a good one that is. I'm lovin' the "white-is-the-new-black" thing you've got going on and i'm thinkin' i'll love it even more when "tan-is-the-new-newer-black".

so good luck finding your right tan... and don't forget to cover your booty-- don't wanna burn.

Blake said...

WOW great skills on the header I like the new background and header for sure!

Candace said...

I LOVE the new white!!! It looks so fresh and clean and new!!! It's great! And I really like the new header too. I wish I knew how to make them!

Jackie said...

Love the new look!!!! A lot! :)

Mindy said...

I LOVE that new header, Rachel! :D Yay for fresh spring makeovers!

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