Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sad Duck

Still no computer... still no photoshop... still one sad duck. :( (Luckily my camera can convert to black and white IN camera!)

Forgot to add: f1.8, 1/100, iso200, 50mm, no flash

AND... to add to the sad duck, I think we lost 6 years worth of digital pictures and all of our itunes music... we thought we had them on our external drive, but they're not there.


Katy said...

oh mindy, that breaks my heart. I lost ALL of my college graduation, engagement, wedding, honeymoon and first two years of our married life pictures... i cried and cried... it's devastating. I'm so sorry to hear that.

but your sad little ducks are just beautiful... i really love that the saddest little duck is defined and standing out from the rest of the ducks (most likely the other ducks still have all their music and pictures)

good luck to you!!

Teri said...

So Sorry to hear that you may have lost all your pictures and music. What happened? Anyways your little ducks are adorable. Sooo cute. Hope you can get your computer fixed or get a new one!

K Harker said...

Great picture, I love it in black and white but can totally see the bright yellowness that those ducky's are. Good picture!
We too lost half of our pictures off our computer, my hubby is good with computers and found a way (off the internet) to recover them from our computer. We still lost a good chunk of them, but we were happy to get most of them back. If you haven't already you should look into downloading a program off the internet to retrieve them, if it's possible for you to do.
So sorry again!

Rachel H. said...

Aw Mindy! Even in what should potentially be called your darkest hours, you still manage to rock the house with your camera! I am so bummed about your pictures. Darn it. I hope there is a way to get them back...maybe???

What a cute shot!

Brittney said...

Oh man Mindy, that stinks! Really stinks! If it makes you feel better I think your picture is AWESOME. I love the focus on the one duck with all the others doing their own thing in the background. It's a busy but simple shot all at once, LOVE IT.

Charlotte said...

Oh, Mindy, I'm sitting here almost crying for. I can't imagine what I would do if I lost all my pictures. I'm sick just thinking about it.

I hope you know that I think the world of you. Thanks for always being someone I could look up to.

And I love the ducks. :0)

Mindy said...

Good(ish) news!!! I've only lost the last 1 1/2 years of pics... Brandon has the older ones on his laptop too. I almost cried when he showed me that!!! You are all so sweet and wonderful... thank you for the comments!

Blake said...

Ok you seriously need to stop taking pictures cus I am coveting your skills! And apparently you have limited resources and I am still envying the mad skills.

It makes me think of the ugly duckling and i also love the faded groupies (lol) in the background and the detail on the fuzzy hair!

Melinda said...

Sorry about your photos! Truly...I'm waiting to see if I'm in the same boat.

Love the picture! so sweet and cuddly...and very moving in b/w. Nice job!

Candace said...

Oh, Mindy.. I'm so sad for you. I hope you didn't lose all your pictures. :(

Excellent picture, though, and I can see how it's very symbolic right now.

{Alynn} said...

I love how sweet and soft this little guy looks!

Good luck with your lost picts and music... it happened to my sister! So horrible!

The Wisers said...

Oh Mindy...I'm so sad about that dang computer. But look at you still plugging away at the challenges!!!

Breezi said...

First of all, I love this photo. Although it does want to make me adopt this sad little guy, so that I could make it happy. I'm a sucker for "puppy" eyes, even if it is on a duck.
Second: You have some mad skills! Why would you even go back to photoshop, knowing that you are so amazing without it!
third: Super sorry for the loss of your photos! As a scrapbooker it's just killing me that your pics are lost! Big hugs to you!