Friday, April 24, 2009


Whew! This was definitely a challenge for me, and from reading the posts, it sounds like it was a rough one for each of you, too. But that's what we're about here, right? Getting out of our comfort zones.

Okay, we're changing up the voting today. No more "best take" category. The category will probably change with each challenge (we haven't quite ironed out all the kinks yet), but for today, your two categories will be MOST ORIGINAL and BEST OVERALL.

Please be sure to submit your votes like this:

Most original:
Best overall:

Also please don't vote this time around for Jackie or Mindy, as they both won the honors in the last challenge.

Until midnight, then.


Melinda said...

Most Original: Definitely Rachel's Uno shot!

Best Overall: Melanie's One Nation...I couldn't keep my eyes off it!

Shoutouts: Jenny, Katy, Stephanie, Dave, and Mindy...Awesome shots, everyone!!!

Rachel H. said...

Most Original: Melinda. This was tough, because there were a lot of original ideas, but I liked how Melinda incorporated so many ONES in her picture. And it was gorgeous!

Best overall: AHH....THIS IS SOOO TOUGH. But I have to say, the picture I kept coming back to was Katy's rice picture. Everything felt so beautiful to me...very nice detail!

Shoutouts go to Janelle for thinking of this category and her picture of her cutie, Brittney, Melanie, Mindy, April, and...GOSH, there are too many to choose! I have seriously got to start narrowing it down to the top 3 shoutouts of something... I liked certain things about so many pictures!

Jackie said...

Most Origional: Rachael.......always coming up with really cool ideas...

Best Overall: Katy!!!!!! Gosh I loved it.

Id like to holla at Dave for the great lake shot, and Melanie, Mindy,Shelby...everyone did a great job!

Katy said...

Most Original: Rachel-- seriously, FLOATING CARDS... hell-OOO Houdini!

Best Overall: Dave-- it made me ENVY the exact spot he was standing while taking that picture... and his delivery was perfect, said it all!


Shoutouts: Jackie, omy, LOVE the chair, it's beautiful! Breezi- I'm STILL cracking (pun intended) up!! Brittany, the rings are timeless and stunning picture! Mindy and AprilF, Both INSANE photos of flowers, totally beautiful perspectives!!! WOW, Melinda's sky is UH-MAY-ZING!!

oh and I LOVED the One World by Shelby... LOVED IT!!! Happy Earth DAY!!

Brittney said...

Most Original: Rachel (with Breezi coming in a close second).

Best overal: Katy, I kept coming back to yours. Stunning!

Shoutouts: Dave, Jackie and AprilF

Blake said...

Most Original: Breezi

Best Overall: Melinda

Lisa said...

Most Original - Rachel - loved it!

Best Overall - the lake shot with the canoe

Shoutouts - the penny/ladybug picture

Travis and Jenny Holloway said...

Ok, voting on this challenge was SO tough! There were SO many great pictures!! But, I have to narrow it down so...
Most Original: Melanie (loved the unique angle on the flag--very cool!)
Best Overall: April F. (I just LOVE this picture--the focus is perfect and I love the softness of it and the colors--it's something I'd totally frame and put on my wall!)
Shoutouts: Dave (the colors were amazing!), Brittney (great focus and detail), Shelby (a very cool idea--yeah Earth Day!), and Jackie and Mindy--who I would have been totally tempted to vote for if they weren't out of the running! Great job everyone!

Melanie said...

Very difficult to choose!!

Most original: Katy

Best Overall: Dave

I loved everyone's so shout outs to everyone!!! What a fun mission! (and challenging)

Crys Kaestner said...

Best Picture: Rachel
Most Original: katy

Breezi said...

I don't know why we are voting, because everyone should get an award!
It is making it really tough not to "shot out" to everyone!

Best Overall: Melinda. That was a glorious shot. It inspires deeper thinking.
Most Original:Shelby. What a great idea! I love it.

Shout-outs: Julie- I love the smirk on the duck. AprilF & Mindy- Beautiful flower shots. Simply stunning. Dave-your boat shot was so peaceful and full of tranquility, and Melanie- I love this picture.

Erin Wageman said...

Most original: Rachel

Best overall: Jackie, loved the colors!

Also great shots: Felicia, Mindy, Katy, April, Dave, and Brittany. Beautiful pictures! I'm sorry that I missed the challenge, what fun!

Mindy said...

Most Original: Rachel
Best Overall: Dave

Rachel's Uno picture is amazing... the set up was so original... I know I wouldn't have thought of that. :) I LOVE IT!
Dave's canoe... just awesome. I love the feel of the whole picture, and I love the description underneath.

Also loved: AprilF, Katy, Jackie... oh, the list goes on. :) Great job, everyone!

Felicia H. said...

Most Original Jackie
Best Overall Melinda

Shelby said...

Most Original: Breezi
Best Overall: Katy
Shoutouts: Dave, Jenny, & Brittney

AprilF said...

Most Original: Jenny
Best Overall: Katy

Shoutout- Melanie, Melinda and Stephanie - I really liked the creativity!

Dave said...

Most Original: Breezi this pic reminds me of the two years I lived in the south side of Chicago, I loved all the different religions and names of churches.

Best Overall: Racheal I thought this was creative and a great pic, perfect lighting and exposure.

I'm soory if it doesn't look like I comment on anyones post but I'm with Britt when she comments on them so I hope you give me partial credit. I thought all of the pics were GREAT this time around.

Kristine N said...

So, I really want to vote for Shelby's one world for most original. I can't decide on a best overall though--everyone did a great job!

Julie N. said...

Great job everyone! As usual it was hard to decide.

Most Original: Rachel

Best Overall: Dave

Shout-outs: Katy, Jackie, Melanie, Melinda and April F great pics guys!

Corynn said...

Most original: Rachel
Best overall: Dave, love the description.
Shoutouts: um, I have a million. It was great to see everyone's take on this. Kristine N. - love the red cent, Mindy's bee. Stephanie's blue stone!

Janelle said...

So, my vote is coming WAAAAAY after midnight, but I figure it's okay, since I'm the one who counts the votes, right?

Most original: Katy (amazing story, and beautiful photo...simple but powerful)
Best overall: Dave

Shoutouts: MindyMindyMindy!, Melinda, Melanie, Rachel, Brittney, Breezi