Thursday, April 23, 2009

One Banana a Day . . .

Keeps my leg cramps away!

So I apologize - I have been a TOTAL slacker the last 2 1/2 months or so, as I was working a temp FT job and just could NOT do everything! But I am glad to be back and take part in this challenge!
I'm now almost 8 months prego (#4) and for some time was having horrid leg and foot cramps. A calcium/magnesium supplement and ONE Banana a Day for potassium and I am good to go!

One Banana a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away!(This pic is supposed to be horizontal - no idea why it keeps coming up vertical!)


Katy said...

I actually like it vertical!!!! What a cool idea.. i love the oblong plate the banana is on too! Cool Shot!

but good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, that's pretty crappy about your cramps. in your leg and foot. if you were wondering where exactly i meant.

it's been a long day for me. i'll sign off now.

great job@

Mindy said...

I think it works vertical too! That is great to know that bananas help leg cramps... my little boy gets them really bad sometimes. I love the one banana on the white plate... very simple and very effective!

Breezi said...

I love the composition of this picture. Simple. Clean. Neat.

Great job!

(I also had MEGA leg/foot cramps when I was prego.... it sucks. I feel for you)

Rachel H. said...

I actually like it vertical too! Very clean and simple...great way to get your point across! :)

GLAD you are back. We have missed you!

Kristine N said...

I'd have never guessed it was intended to be horizontal. It's a very nice shot.

Good luck with the leg cramps--I remember them well and was very happy when they stopped. Spinach was actually more helpful to me than bananas, but there was nothing I could do to completely stop them.

Blake said...

Is the plate really oblong or is that just effect in the picture. Nice take on this, very different.

Lisa said...

It's really just a plain old round plate! But yeah, I guess it does look oblong! Thanks for all the compliments - I just thot it was the best of all my boring shots! You guys are great!

Corynn said...

I like the simplicity. I feel like I am always thinking way too hard about what to shoot. This is perfect, and it tells us something about you. Plus, it is food. Can't go wrong there!