Thursday, April 2, 2009

How I did it!

For those wondering how I did my picture, I took another picture from farther away so that it might make more sense. :)
I put my paint in a pyramid, but had to keep the bottom row pushed between 2 pieces of wood I have sitting around. The other 3 paint cans I had laying on the ground (there are only 2 in this picture.) The way the sun was shining caused my shadow to be cast over the paint cans when I took it (for the challenge) and so it looks like a dark background. I stood directly over the setup and looked down at it.
Does this make more sense?


Teri said...

Yes, yes,yes,Now I see how you did it...very creative! Thanks for showing us how you did the set up.

Candace said...

Yes, thanks for sharing that, Rachel! I really was wondering how you got them to stay in a pyramid. I mean, I knew you had to have them propped someway, but those pieces of wood weren't visible, so I was wondering what your trick was! I think that you put the three at the top upside down really made the picture super dynamic. A lot of people ( ME ) would have probably just stacked the pyramid and taken a picture or that... Or just take a picture of them standing up... BORING!!!

GReat Job..

P.s.... I wrote a shout-out to you on my blog earlier... I hope I didn't freak YOU out by talking non-stop. I was thinking about that when we got off... I am such a motor mouth sometimes! Sorry bout that! :)

Brittney said...

Ahhhh...I get it now! Thanks for showing!

Mindy said...

Isn't it cool how sometimes the photo doesn't even resemble the real life? Awesome job!

Lindy said...

THANK YOU! That was driving me crazy! Way to make the blacks a true black in your original, especially with the background you had to work with.

Blake said...

nice I think I like the other picture better but I would have never guess spray paint for you LOL.