Thursday, April 30, 2009

A HOT Iron

Pretty self-explanatory here! A nice, HOT iron, ready to do some damage!


Corynn said...

Totally... I forget about these little gadgets, because I really hate to iron! haha. great job.

Melanie said...

what is this device? An I-R-O-N? Never seen one this close before! j/k! Way to think "outside the box" Great job!

Mindy said...

I'm laughing at Melanie... that's about how I feel too. The damage I do with an iron is very different from the damage you're thinking of. ;) Nice job with the picture!

Katy said...

oooh what a good picture, so crisp (i love the pure natural lighting!)

hahaha... I'm laughing at all the comments, we've got some FUNNY gals in this blog!! GREAT job!!

Brittney said...

Haha, I'm with the majority on this...iron? Whats an iron? Love the lighting!

Rachel H. said...

Ya, an iron. TOTALLY OBVIOUS, but yet I certainly didn't think of it! GLAD you are back.l..have I told you that yet? I am! :)

Lisa said...

Ok, like the rest of you, I really do NOT use this for its intended purposes! I think I can count all the times I've ironed in my almost 8 years of married life on my fingers!

Blake said...

good idea and i like how you caught both the handle and the side.

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