Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hand Hand Finger Thumb

Easter for me has a lot of religious and tradition meanings. But nothing is as fun as dying your hand and throwing the eggs on the table! These three things are what Easter is for me this year!
Picture taken right under a overhead light no flash and cant remember ISO or F. Color enhanced, sharpened, saturated in windows phot editor and in Picasa or whatever it is. Anymore and orage would have invaded the face of my son here from the light above. CC always welcome.
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Candace said...

He is adorable with all that bright blonde hair!

And the colored fingers are just as much a part of Easter as the eggs! :)

Mindy said...

I love his fascination with the green hand! Good capture, Blake!

Teri said...

SO Cute... little boys are so much fun and love to get dirty! He looks so cute and curious looking at his green hands. What a fun time of the year and so many wonderful photo opportunities.

Katy said...

what a CUTIE!! sweetest little Easter Hulk ever! his curious and fascinated look is adorable! good luck cleaning this little guy up!!! happy easter!

Blake said...

Easter Hulk! LOL thanks!

I was going to post another one but someone else did flowers so I picked this. I will post my first pick there shortly.

After reading all the others and seeing their photos I am pretty sure that mine doesnt even come close to the great quality of you guys! I am just thinking I need time and an in person tutor! Who wants a free weekend in the Bay Area!

Breezi said...

What a sweet little guy! I love chubby little hands covered in mess! That's the best part of being a kid!

Blake said...

ok false advertising sorry. The pictures are now up and they are unedited.

Also I am moving to an unknown destination during finals week and cant afford a free weekend for anyone even myself! Sorry but if you want to tutor me you still can! :) Im so generous.

Brittney said...

You're so funny! You should give yourself more credit. I haven't been able to find me a personal tutor either so I've turned to the books. I can recommend some AWESOME photography books that I have really enjoyed and that have helped me if you are interested.

About the picture, LOVE the green hands! I love that the little guy doesn't have a shirt on, it makes his hands stand out so much more! I also love his expression as he studies his hands. You really captured his curiosity and intrigue.

Rachel H. said...

Very funny shot! TOTALLY typical of a little boy! :)

I like that there aren't a lot of colors in this--the skin and background are simple, and then there is the POP of color on his hand.