Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I was stumped on a word this week--and so I decided that we should do a black and white challenge. While I love beautiful colorful pictures, I also LOVE Black and white pictures. They seem to have such depth and feeling.

So your challenge this week is: BLACK AND WHITE

Take a picture of whatever you want. However you want. But you must submit it in black and white. If you don't own an editing program, I know there are several free ones online. I picked a few I found to give you a place to start if you don't have one already. I have not used these personally, but they looked like they had good things to offer: ]

Anyway, hope that helps you get started!

Let's start thinking black and white--pictures in by midnight on Thursday.


Erin Wageman said...

hey Rachel, I wanted to add to your list of editing. I hear is just just like PS. I haven't used it, but I know a few people that have checked it out, and really like it. Its also free.

Katy said...

oh Rachel, THANK YOU for the link list of free programs... i'm always stumped when friends/family want to do cool things with their pics and don't want to sell a kidney for the program! as for me, that kidney was WELL worth it!

Rachel H. said...

Thanks Erin! Like I said, not too familiar with the free stuff, but I am happy to pass along your recommendation! :)

Jackie said...

I'm really stoked about the blk and wht challenge...I missed the last due to vacation...yay! Hope to see some great pics!!

Breezi said...

We use Picassa and it is really good. It doesn't do the (I'm not quite sure the correct term...) burning edges that you see on others pictures, but it does some small editing such as cropping, black and white, saturation, and a few more things.

We also have photoshop and a few other editing programs, I am just not computer literate to use them like my husband...
I figure if I can use Picassa (and know litterally nothing about computers) than almost anyone can figure it out. :)